Learn How to Style Neutral Outfits for Winter

Shawnaci Schroeder
by Shawnaci Schroeder

I just love wearing neutrals! They are so timeless and classic and always work. I also happen to wear a lot of street style and I think that if you mix street style with neutrals it really elevates the look. I want to show you how I style neutrals and create outfits that are eye-catching and anything but boring.

Neutral color outfits

Style plaid 

This first outfit is one of my favorites because it includes plaid. Plaid can be a little bit difficult to style but when you get it right, it looks amazing! Plaid sometimes makes me feel like I just stepped off the farm, so in this look, I paired it with a dress to add a bit more of a feminine touch to the outfit. When I wear plaid I usually try and avoid wearing other busy pieces which is why I am wearing a plain, neutral-toned dress. 

Wear a coat

Style under a coat or jacket 

This next look is really fun! My style is definitely a lot more casual but the coat I am wearing can make this outfit seem a little more dressy. I decided to make it match my style more by dressing down the look and adding neutral pieces. The sneakers and turtleneck create a seamless look! I made sure to wear a lot of different textures because I didn’t want the outfit to get lost underneath the coat. The leather leggings were a great addition to wear under this coat. 

Style neutral outfits

Break up a set 

I love to wear a good neutral-toned set! Usually, to break up a two-piece, I add in a jacket. With this particular set, the pieces are very busy. Both the bottom and top are sherpa. I decided to wear a different sweatshirt with a different texture to break the set. I then threw the sherpa top over my shoulders. 

Wear baggy clothes

Wear bigger sizes 

This next look is one of my favorites but it can easily look a little grungy. I add small details that change the look to ensure it doesn’t look disheveled. The trick to this look is making it extra, extra baggy. Whenever I wear outfits that are very casual and relaxed, I always make sure to buy pieces that are a few sizes too big. Sizing up makes it seem like you chose the baggy look on purpose and creates a really chic outfit. 

Combine casual and dressy

Keep a look casual 

The next outfit is one I wear all the time. I love the combination of the jacket and high-waisted pants. Even though the pants I am wearing are loose and flowing, they are definitely what I would consider trousers. I think that if you don’t put in the effort to make them look comfortable they may look a little businessy. The way I keep this outfit casual is by adding a hoodie and sneakers to create a seamless, neutral style. 

Winter style

Add a color contrast 

In this next look, I added a pop of color to the look. This gorgeous outfit has two neutral pieces with a pinkish undertone and adding the white button-down sticking out at the top and bottom is a great way to actually pull the whole look together. Once again, I have created a look that is the perfect blend of casual and businesslike which is a style I just love to wear. 

WInter outfits

Add bold textures 

Another great way to style neutrals is by adding bold texture to the look. I am totally obsessed with quilted pieces! I think that when you add in quilted pieces or pieces with other textures to a neutral look it can really spice things up. There are so many great ways to style neutral outfits for winter! I would love to hear which look you liked best in the comments below! 

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