7 Tips for Styling Effortlessly Chic Neutral Color Outfits This Fall

Creating neutral color outfits this fall should feel really easy with the right pieces and a few styling tricks. In this lookbook, I'll be sharing a variety of effortlessly chic, neutral outfits that I have been wearing on repeat this season, as well as tips to keep in mind when putting fall outfits together.

Neutral color outfit ideas

A subtle touch of luxe

I really love neutral outfits because they are able to make even the most casual pieces feel chic and polished. When I'm dressing in a more everyday fashion, I try to add at least one luxe item into an outfit idea like this to give it that elegant punch it needs.

I choose a neutral piece to add into the mix that has a subtle wow factor all on its own.

Knitwear, generally speaking, can do this for you. The yarns often look and feel sumptuous, and as you can see, worn with something really dressed down like a pair of jeans and flats, it elevates the entire look.

How to style neutral outfits

This is another really simple outfit. I'm just wearing a pair of jeans and ankle boots, but adding in that subtle touch of luxe with the yarn of the crew neck. This not only gives the outfit more depth, but also makes the outfit feel and look more luxurious.

Pick pieces that stand out because of their fabric content; those are the items that tend to make an outfit shine. The eye will naturally be drawn to the luxe element, while the other pieces are doing the hard work in the background.

High-quality neutral style


One tip I would really advise is to buy fewer pieces in total. Instead, save up and buy the highest quality you can afford. Be a bit savvier about what you buy and who you spend your pennies with.

These beautifully tailored pants were not cheap, but they are incredibly timeless. 

Monochrome outfit for fall

You can also make this look smarter by adding a blazer over the top. All of the quality in this outfit blended together makes it feel chic and polished without even really having to try.

Neutral style clothing


I'm a big fan of less is more. When I think about how to look effortlessly chic, this approach really helps me create the right look. I'll often start by thinking about the silhouette, looking for those minimal, clean lines and a cut that has obviously been thought through well.

This dress is in a gorgeous silhouette, and over the top, I've added a beautiful, long gray cardigan. Styled with this structured dress, the cardigan makes the outfit feel more relaxed, while still retaining that elegant polish.

Tones of cream and white


I love a tonal look because I find it the easiest way to make an outfit feel more classy, chic, and sophisticated. Although I know that it is a bit of a pain if it rains, I do love the odd winter white outfit idea. 

Camel trench coat with an all-white outfit

I would style it with a camel trench coat for cooler days and add a little contrast into the mix.

How to layer neutral outfits


Layering is a style I do a lot and will probably reach for even more as we move into winter. There is just something about layering with neutral items that has a wonderful knack of always making me feel effortlessly chic.

The tones are soft, and that combination of textures really makes the whole outfit feel elevated and interesting. As you can see, none of the tones in this outfit are a perfect match for each other, and that for me is part of the joy of this layered outfit.

How to accessorize neutral outfits


Never underestimate the styling power of adding a belt. Whether you're styling neutrals or not, it can totally transform your outfit.

Here, I'm wearing a black skirt that I've paired with some ankle boots that help elongate my shape. On my top half, I'm wearing a cashmere crew neck. I added a wide tan leather belt that helps define my waistline and gives me more ways to style the skirt.

Neutral color outfits with patterns


If you're a big fan of print, the trick to creating these neutral color outfits is to make sure that the print follows that neutral train of thought. With this outfit idea, I went for a beautiful floral print blouse.

It is quite helpful when creating more of a neutral look because the tones are a bit more muted. Look for prints that include subtle shades to enable you to create a sophisticated neutral outfit.

Neutral color outfits lookbook

I hope that you've picked up some inspiration from the neutral color outfits that I've put together and that you've found the tips helpful. If you keep them in mind next time you're putting together a neutral outfit, you won't go wrong.

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  • LunaR1776 LunaR1776 on Nov 01, 2021

    Very cute!

    I love tan and camel accessories- I haven’t paired them with grey before. That looks fantastic!

    I also need to get more white and winter white into my wardrobe.

    Thank you for the wonderful tips!!