One Sweater Vest Five Ways

Kastle W
by Kastle W

One of the most exciting aspects of the fall season is updating your wardrobe to add layers. Not only will it keep you warm as the weather changes, but it also creates an opportunity for some super-creative outfits. The possibilities are endless: base layers, light jackets, scarves, long-sleeve tops over short-sleeve tops and cardigans over dresses!

One of the most versatile layering pieces is the sweater vest. It performs double duty to help keep the core part of your body warm and adds variety to your wardrobe with a variety of styles. Plus, you can wear them in multiple ways.

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 Sweater vest with a dress


A sweater vest can really warm up a summer dress and stretch this piece into fall. A short-sleeve shirt dress like this one works best because it has a little collar and sleeves that peek through a v-neck sweater vest. If the vest is long enough and not too bulky, I like to add a belt so my waist doesn't get lost. It turns this dress into a completely different look!


 Sweater vest with a button-down shirt

 This classic look gives those academia preppy vibes, but you can also modernize it with bold prints and colors. It's a smart look that can't be beat. A long-sleeve, button-down shirt is just a natural under a v-neck sweater vest. And it will give you enough warmth that you may not need a jacket just yet when there is a chill in the air.

Sweater vest with a T-shirt

 This casual look gives you an "I just threw this on" look with enviable, carefree cool vibes. This look can take summer casual right into fall and adds more interest to your outfit than a T-shirt with a jacket. It also works well with a long-sleeve T-shirt. Wear a tank top or camisole underneath if you need even more warmth. Nobody will see it, and people will wonder how you stay warm in such light clothes. For more sneaky layering tricks to stay warm without bulk, see my  previous article.

 Sweater vest with a turtleneck

 When the temperature really starts to drop outside, it's time to pull out some sweater action. You can double-up on warmth by layering a sweater vest over another sweater. A fitted turtleneck is a perfect option because you have a collar showing out the top, and it's not too bulky to layer on top of. The result is a sleek, polished look.

 Sweater vest on its own

 Don't underestimate the sweater vest as a top on its own. If it fits well, why not? I paired this one with a pair of paper-bag trousers for an easy fall look. Look for vests that don't gap too much in the sleeves, so you don't flash people some side cleavage or wear a tank top underneath to give the illusion of the vest as a top while still having some coverage.

So now that you know how to wear one sweater vest five ways, which one will you try first?

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