Oversized Sweater: 5 Ways for Winter

Lindsay Ramcharitar
by Lindsay Ramcharitar

Oversized sweaters are everyone's favorite thing right? I mean I know they are mine. I just love how they go from casual to dressy with little to no effort. I also love how comfy they are. I have come to find that H&M and Amazon have the BEST oversized sweaters and for a great cost. This particular sweater is from H&M and I got it for under $20! I know it is perfect for the winter but will also be cute in the spring (which gives me an idea for another styling session). :)

Let's start off with the most casual and easy look: leggings and slippers! What is easier than that? I love wearing oversized sweaters around the house. They really are the comfiest thing. If I needed to run an errand, I would just throw on some sneakers or boots and I would be good to go!

Mom jeans are back! I know I styled them in another tutorial on here but I figured, let me show you that I truly like to reuse items in my closet. With mom jeans, sometimes you don't have much room in the waist area so instead of tucking the sweater into the jeans, I tucked it up into my bra! This will avoid the bulky look in the pants. I then added a simple pair of slides. These actually have studs on them so they give the look a little extra flair.

The next three looks are my favorite; actually hard to choose which one is my real favorite. I love them because I love to layer! I think layering your looks just adds a bit of element to your outfit. For the first layered look, I took the burgundy turtleneck sweatshirt from the mommy and me styling tutorial and put it underneath the oversized sweater! This fills in the deep v section of the sweater. I wore blue jeans and booties. I also decided to wear my plaid scarf which brings out the burgundy in the sweater underneath!

With this layered look, I decided to go back to my go to and wear leggings. With the leggings, I added a simple black vest and a neutral plaid scarf. This scarf has whites, greys and tans. To bring out the tan element, I added the over knee boots. The boots give this look a more dressier feel but you can always wear booties, sneakers or even uggs.

For the final look, it is not as layered as the previous two but it still has a pop! Instead of layering a button down over or under the sweater, I just tied it around my waist! Adding the sweater to my waist, adds definition to the oversized sweater and gives the look some sophistication. I paired it with blue jeans and sock booties for a edgier look. Even though I said I was not sure what look was my favorite before, I think this might be it. I just love the pop of red and black against the grey and blue and the booties are just cute!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and the ways I styled this oversized sweater. If you have any questions on where the pieces are from or if you want to see something styled multiple ways, let me know!

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