The Perfect Sweater for the Summer to Fall Transition

Stephanie Rivoli
by Stephanie Rivoli

Once a season starts to end and another begins it can be tough to figure out exactly what to wear. Especially when the mornings and nights are cooler but its warmer during the day. I found this adorable sweater from Target and it is the perfect top for that in between time during seasons.

One reason I really like this sweater is because the style is so cute. It has a lot of design elements such as the pattern of the sweater itself and the flutter cap sleeves. Both elements make it perfect for a warmer day and cooler morning and evening.

Another reason I love this sweater is the color. It is a mix between an orange and coral color. It works perfect for both Summer of Fall and especially those days in between.

The last reason I really like this sweater is the affordability aspect. The sweater is only $20! When a season, such as Summer ends, we all get excited for the next season trends to come out so you don't want to spend too much on an item that can only be worn in the previous season, but this sweater allows for room in your budget for this sweater along with all those new and fun Fall clothes.

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