4 Ways to Balance Your Long Torso

5 Minutes

In this tutorial, I’m showing you how to make your legs look longer with 4 unique and easy ways to balance your long torso. Let's get started!

Tucking top

1. Tuck in your top 

Tucking your top into your jeans makes your torso look shorter and your legs longer!

This is the easiest way to balance out your body proportions without having to switch up your wardrobe. 

High-waisted pants

2. Wear high-waisted bottoms

Wearing high-waisted bottoms gives the illusion that your legs are longer than they actually are!

Just remember to combine it with the first tip (tuck in that top!) to ensure you’re not hiding your newly acquired length.

Wearing a thick belt

3. Wear a thicker belt higher than your natural waistline 

Wearing a thicker belt and positioning it higher than your natural waistline cinches your torso to make it appear that your waist starts sooner than it actually does.

It also creates a nice division between your torso and your legs to really emphasize your height.

Short jacket

4. Wear shorter jackets 

Wearing shorter and even cropped jackets can shorten your torso significantly to help you balance out that extra length! 

Which of these hacks to balance your torsos is your favorite?

Let me know if there are any other tips and tricks you use to make your legs appear longer down below!

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