6 Different Ways to Style a Classic Black Tank Top

Marina Popovic
by Marina Popovic

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A black tank top is a closet staple. Its plain and simple appearance means that you can style it in a multitude of different ways. It is also a great layering piece; you can wear it as a base and construct your outfit around it. Here, I’ve styled six black tank top outfits to give you a bit of inspiration.

Black tank top with a blazer

1. Black tank top with a blazer

You can never go wrong with a blazer. It adds structure to your silhouette, and the vertical side panels created by the blazer give you an elongated appearance.

I’m also wearing a pair of beige high-waisted shorts, and I like how they contrast with the blazer that falls below my waist. This mix of lengths and proportions makes for a trendy and cohesive look.

Black tank top with neutrals

2. Black tank top with neutrals

Obviously, you could style black with any color under the sun and it would work. I’m a fan of a neutral color palette when it comes to dressing, so here I’ve gone for a pair of beige pants.

The appeal of this outfit lies in its simplicity; there isn’t any big wow factor to it, just simple sophistication and elegance. The key to rocking an uncomplicated look like this is making sure that the tailoring of the pants is just right, so that they fit you perfectly.

Black tank top with denim

3. Black tank top with denim

Denim is an obvious choice to pair your tank top with. It’s low-key, relaxed, and it won’t let you down. I’ve paired my top here with a pair of denim shorts in a light wash, but you can opt for whatever style of jeans you want in whatever shade.

A stylish belt helps to accentuate the waist and add a bit of detail to your look. The cute little necklace I’ve got on is the perfect finishing touch.

Black tank top with a mini skirt

4. Black tank top with a mini skirt

Show off your legs with an itsy-bitsy mini skirt. Pair it with some nude heels that will elongate your figure and add some height. Like many of the other looks, we have something where less is more.

This look doesn't require any show-stopping accessories, rather I've gone for a simple cream bag and a silver bracelet, and I'm good to go. If you are more of a maximalist, though, when it comes to dressing, a big chunky necklace or a textured jacket would do just the trick.

Black tank top with white pants

5. Black tank top with white pants (1)

Black and white are best friends; we all know the concept of opposites attract. Pair your black tank top with a pair of white pants for a high-contrast yet complementary look. The black shoes tie in with the black tank top and blazer to create a balanced aesthetic.

Monochrome black tank top outfits

6. Black tank top with white pants (2)

Black and white go well together, so why not play around with them? In the previous outfit, I had all black on top and white on the bottom. I styled this outfit here to show you can switch things around and mix the two colors a little bit more.

I’m wearing a white shirt, which I’ve left open, but have tied around the waist. The black tank top peeks through from underneath.

There we have it: one black tank top styled six different ways. Closet staples like this can go such a long way due to their versatility and endless wearability. Pick a color palette that you like, and then have a go styling some black tank top outfits for yourself!

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