How to Wear Prints - 3 Ways

Many people get nervous about wearing prints that clash, but I’m here to show you that it’s not as scary as it seems. Simply follow these few rules for wearing prints, get creative with your style, and show a little confidence. Styling prints has never been so easy!

Styling prints

Keep it simple 

Stripes are a great place to start when it comes to matching prints. In this first outfit, I’ve simply matched two different striped pieces together. I also added a clean looking jacket to pull the look together (with a hidden stripe just to add some flair!) 

How to style prints

However, stripes on stripes are not your only striped option. Some floral bottoms with a striped top are also a bold and beautiful way to go. A good way to make sure these patterns don’t clash is by keeping to the same color palettes. 42

Wear clashing prints

Mid print clash

A mid-print clash features multiple prints on the top of the body and a solid color on the bottom. This is meant to keep the prints from getting overwhelming. That said, it is a little bolder than the previous pairing and is meant for those individuals who are feeling a little braver. In this look, I’ve gone for a geometric print top and a floral print jacket. All while keeping my bottoms very simple and solid. 

Keep in mind that not all prints are meant to be matched. I would very rarely mix a geometric print with a stripe - it can become very overwhelming. But, there’s no teacher like trial and error. Mess around with your styles at home and find what works best for you. 

Wear prints

Full on print 

This third outfit really goes the whole way! We’ve got a full print on the top and the bottom. With this outfit, I did stay a little on the safe side by sticking to the same color palette, but we do have three different prints, so it isn’t like I held back.

Rules for wearing prints

I hope you guys liked these ideas and gained inspiration from them. I’ve laid out the basic, mid, and extreme options when it comes to print pairing, so let me know which style you prefer. Be bold, wear prints! 

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