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Fab Sakker
by Fab Sakker

The ’00s aesthetic has made a bit of a comeback this year and it looks like we are seeing a lot of 2000’s sporty trend throwbacks. I have been loving the preppy, sporty looks because they are a great way to dress casually but still feel put together. I hope my tutorial will inspire you to add a bit of sporty chic to your outfits.

Preppy girl outfit

Wear a polo shirt 

The first and maybe most obvious way to get the preppy, sporty look is with a polo shirt. I love a good polo shirt because they are quite casual but still classy. When buying a polo shirt, you want to make sure it is the perfect fit for you and not at all oversized. I usually like to pair a polo shirt with a cute pair of white shorts. White is just a classic sporty color. I love these little scallop shorts and I usually style them with my white Superga sneakers. 

Wear no-show socks

When I wear my sneakers, I don’t really like to have my socks showing. I always make sure to have a few pairs of no-show socks. 

Preppy outfit ideas

Wear a tennis skirt 

Another great way to get the perfect mix of preppy and sporty is by wearing a tennis skirt. I just think tennis skirts are adorable and this white one goes perfectly with my light pink polo shirt.

Tie a sweater around your neck

Wear a sweater 

To take this cute little outfit to another level of preppy, I like to tie a cute little sweater around my neck.

Wear high socks

When the weather gets a little chillier, you can always switch out the polo shirt for the sweater itself. In this outfit, you’ve probably noticed I lost the no-show socks and replaced them with these 70’s inspired athletic socks with the stripes. I really love how the socks complement the sweater in this look!

Add a baseball cap

Wear a baseball cap 

Another classic way to add the sporty, preppy style to any look is by wearing a baseball cap. I love the classic red, white and blue colors on this cap and I just think it’s a great accessory to have. 

Cute preppy outfits

I love that you can totally wear a baseball cap with a more put-together outfit and it really just adds a sporty element to the look. 

Play with color

Play with color

I recently purchased a really fun, bright green baseball cap which leads me to talk about color. Now we know that blue, white, and red are the classic sporty colors but I just can’t get enough of the pink and green combination. 

Preppy women’s outfits

Wear a cricket sweater 

Another great way to add the sporty, preppy style to your outfit is by wearing a classic cricket sweater. I think that these look great on guys and girls and can really pull an outfit together. 

Wear a rugby jersey

Wear a rugby jersey

Another piece that is coming back into the spotlight is the rugby jersey. I have seen some really cool looking rugby jerseys being made and it's a great casual look. 

Preppy casual outfits

Wear argyle 

On the preppy side, there has definitely been a resurgence of argyle and this has been inspired by the Y2K aesthetic. I love the argyle sweaters and vests that are making a total comeback.  

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