Easiest Halloween Look Ever? Here's How to Do Perfect Cat Girl Makeup

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In this tutorial, I'll show you how to do cat girl makeup! Being a parent is no reason to skip a Halloween costume. If anything, entertaining your little ones while you take them trick or treating is the best reason!

So, here is a super easy Halloween cat makeup tutorial. All that’s left is to convince your kids to share their Halloween candy with you.

Tools and materials:

  • Regular black eyeliner
  • Ultra-thin black eyeliner
  • Dark eyeshadow
  • White eyeshadow
  • Makeup brush
  • Concealer
  • Red or pink lip liner
  • Mascara
  • False eyelashes
How to do cat eye makeup

1. Start with your Halloween cat eyes

Before you start working on the cat eye makeup, just put a bit of your regular foundation on your face. Apply black or dark charcoal-colored eyeshadow on the bottom half of your eyelids, blending it out to just under your eyelid crease.

How to do cat makeup for Halloween

If your eyes tend to water, use a regular black eyeliner to line the bottom inside of your eyelid as well as just under your eyes, behind your lower lashes.

Using eyeliner to create cat eyes

Now take a very sharp black eyeliner to create the cat eyes. Start at the middle of the bottom of your eyelids and draw a line out to the outside of your eye, curving up a bit on the outside edge.

Then, continue the line from the middle of your eye to the inner side, curving the line down towards the bottom of your eye.

Cat Halloween makeup

Finally, using the same sharp eyeliner, draw a line below your eye, making the line a bit thinner than the top lines. Use a makeup brush to smear out the lower line, making it more pronounced.

Applying false lashes

Apply mascara and any false eyelashes that you want to your upper lashes.

Cat face makeup

2. Now on to your nose and mouth

Apply some concealer in the space between your nose and upper lip, a bit lighter in tone than you would normally use.

Applying white eye shadow to the lip area

Use a makeup brush to apply some white eyeshadow on top of the concealer.

Use your regular black eyeliner to create some little black dots above your top lip.

Now, using the same eyeliner, create a wide m-shape on the tip of your nose and fill it in.

Simple cat makeup

Then make a very thin black line from the middle of the bottom of your nose to your top lip.

Easy cat makeup tutorial

Finally, use your regular eyeliner to outline and then fill in your top lip. For your lower lip, line it in black eyeliner and then fill it in with red or pink lip liner.

Perfect cat girl makeup for Halloween

3. Complete your Halloween cat face

Because this is an exaggerated Halloween cat face, apply a cream contour to your cheekbones, but instead of blending out the contour, leave it looking dramatic.

Drawing cat whiskers on the face

Now, back to your thin eyeliner. Draw some whiskers on to your face on either side of the dots above your lips.

Cute cat girl makeup

Cat girl makeup tutorial

To complete this Halloween cat girl makeup look, put on a cat ears hairband. Now you just have to wait for the shrieks of delight from your little ones, and don’t be surprised if they want to dress up as a cat next year!

Leave a comment below to let us know the reactions you got to your cat Halloween makeup.

Suggested materials:
  • Regular black eyeliner
  • Ultra-thin black eyeliner
  • Dark eyeshadow
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