Need Clothes to Wear in Hot Humid Weather? Here Are 5 Useful Tips

It can be tough to choose the right clothes to wear in hot, humid weather. You want to look stylish and chic, while you're also sweating your skin off! I'm here to give you some helpful hints and tips to make getting dressed in the steamy summer months a bit easier for you.

What fabric to wear in hot, humid weather

1. Choose the right fabric

I think that fabric choice is so important throughout the entire year, depending on what climate you're dealing with. So in the summer, when it gets super hot, the best fabrics I've found are linen, cotton, and lyocell.

I also personally enjoy wearing silk. A lot of people find that it doesn't breathe or it's finicky. However, I wore my vintage silk skirt throughout Italy last summer, and I was shocked at how easy and breezy, and beautiful it felt.

The fabrics you want to avoid in the summer are polyester, rayon, nylon, and acrylic.

Clothes to wear in hot, humid weather

2. Choose the right silhouette

You don't want anything touching your body. Sometimes feeling like you're naked is preferable in hot weather. Look for silhouettes that are off the body, but allow you to move freely and also allow some solid airflow.

So, a maxi dress that falls completely to the floor might not be the best option. Make sure a dress hits above your shoes so that air can get in there - or choose a dress with slits.

If silhouettes with a lot of flow and movement aren't your thing, you can still look for silhouettes that are off the body, but that have beautiful tailoring. Something like a simple cotton button-down shirt is a great option because of the nice clean, crisp lines, as well as the cuffs and the collar.

This still gives the illusion of being put together and polished while you're still getting that nice breathability, both because of the fabric and because of the silhouette. You can also opt for a pair of wide-leg shorts that have good airflow.

What to wear in hot weather

3. Choose the right accessories

When it comes to jewelry, I recommend sticking to a pair of statement studs or statement rings. The reason why I stick to those types of jewelry instead of necklaces or dangly earrings is because I was traveling once in a very hot place, and as I moved, my necklace moved, and it actually burned my skin!

A statement stud still adds a lot of personality and fun to an outfit, but you don't have to worry about it burning you. The same thing goes with statement rings - they stay in place but can add interest to your outfit.

Similarly, scarves are another great accessory that don't get too hot, which that you can wrap around your waist as a belt or around your wrist as a bracelet alternative. You can also use your silk scarf as a hair tie for a little top-knot, or tie it around your bag for an extra hint of flair without the bulk and layering.

Let's not forget bags. A statement handbag can make any outfit feel elevated, chic, and make it look like you put a lot more intention into your outfit.

What clothes to wear in hot humid weather

4. Grab a hat and a pair of shades

My next suggestion is trying to look like a celebrity who is unsuccessfully going incognito - wear a hat and wear sunglasses. Wearing a hat and a solid pair of glamorous sunglasses can not only look chic and stylish, but also adds a hit of personality.

How to dress for hot, humid weather

5. Beauty tips

Finally, there are a couple of things you can do beauty-wise. Wear your hair up and give yourself, or get yourself, an excellent manicure and pedicure. It just feels more polished and put together, and can easily elevate basic summer outfits.

Those are my top tips for choosing the right clothes to wear in hot, humid weather. I guarantee that if you follow them, you’ll feel super comfortable, even when the weather isn’t.

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