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I had a couple blue jeans my husband asked me to fix but were unfixable and a pair of my own which did not fit me anymore. I decided to make a jacket out of them.

With his jeans, I could make the back and sides of the front.

With my jeans I could make the arms. So I cut out the legs.

I cut out the pockets to apply later.

I also cut out the waist band of my jeans to use as the collar. So I had to remove the little things were the belt goes (can't remember what they are called icon )

I then cut the legs lengthwise to open. I had to lay it all out to see where I would join the pieces together.

I decided to use the finished seams for the front opening and the bottom.

I ended up having to use an extra leg from my husband's other pair of jeans to add to the back.

After it was all pinned, I cut out the holes for the arms. I am not a professional seamstress so I was creating as I went and I had to cut and readjust more than once to get it right.

I added the pockets to the front and also the neck trim which I decided looked nice at an angle so that I could use the button and button hole.

After cutting the arms, I realized they were too narrow. So I had to add a triangle to make them wider.

So, I opened the arm about half way and added a triangle from pieces that I still had.

Once the open area matched the width of the arm, I proceeded to sew it.

And voila! my jacket was done and I was thrilled and proud of myself!!

I plan to buy a jacket zipper but for now, it is done.

I made it big on purpose but you can make it more "fitted" if you want by making the side seams more curved.

Suggested materials:
  • Old jeans   (had them)

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