Women's Suit DIY: How to Turn Dated Office Wear Into a Trendy Outfit

Azhia Lassiter
by Azhia Lassiter
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If you have a suit that is in dire need of a transformation, then this tutorial is for you! In this DIY suit upcycle, I’ll show you how you can quickly transform a basic suit into something trendy and super stylish.

Tools and materials:

  • Old women’s suit
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching thread
  • Scissors
  • Loop turner
  • Flat iron
Pink women's suit before the DIY

I have a lovely baby pink blazer and matching skirt that I’m going to work some magic on. This is a great DIY suit refashioning guide, and if you’re interested in upcycles, then I suggest you follow this tutorial for tips and guidance. Let’s start! 

Cutting the skirt to shorten it

1. Cut the skirt

The first thing to do is cut the skirt to your desired length. Feel free to skip this step if you’re happy with the length. 

Hemming the skirt

2. Hem the skirt

Next, flip the skirt inside out and hem it by folding the edge upward by about ½ an inch. I recommend doing a double fold so that the raw edges are neatly tucked inside.

This is the only alteration I did for the skirt. Next, I’ll be moving on to the DIY suit jacket alterations. 

Cropped the suit jacket

3. Crop the jacket 

Just like the skirt, go ahead and crop the blazer. Start snipping below the second button. 

Hemming the suit jacket

4. Hem the jacket

Now, turn the jacket inside out, fold the raw edge by an inch (twice), pin, and sew into place. 

How to upcycle old women’s suits

5. Make a matching top

Since I had leftover fabric, I decided to make a matching top as part of my DIY suit. Using the scrap fabric from the skirt is a good start! So, cut the fabric into a rectangle, as shown. 

DIY suit refashioning

The fabric I cut out was see-through, so I layered it up with another piece of fabric. 

Hemming the new top

Once that’s done, flip the top wrong sides up and hem the bottom (right and left side). Also, you can hem the top part of the shirt while you’re at it. 

Making straps for the top

6. Make straps for the top

To secure the top, cut out four strips from your excess fabric. 

Sewing straps for the DIY top

Then, with right sides facing up, fold each strip in half, and sew along the long raw edge. 

Turning the fabric with a loop turner

Using a loop turner, turn the straps right sides out. 

Pressing the straps with a flat iron

For a simpler way to press your straps, go ahead and flat iron them; it works just as well as an iron. 

Attaching straps to the top

7. Attach the straps to the top

Last but not least, sew two of the straps to the bottom corners of the shirt and the remaining two to the top corners. 

DIY top and suit shirt

Women's suit DIY tutorial

How to update an old suit

Women's suit DIY tutorial

Here’s the final product! I love this DIY suit transformation. It looks way better than the original style, don’t you think?

I hope you found this guide on how to upcycle old women’s suits useful. Thanks for joining me and I’ll see you again next time. 

Suggested materials:
  • Old women’s suit
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
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  • JR Pablo JR Pablo on Jan 31, 2022

    Very cute. I’m a number of years past my “sell by” date, but for a younger woman it’s adorable. Maybe they’ll find some of my old suits I donated. Really a very creative update.

  • Karen Barger Uhlich Karen Barger Uhlich on Feb 01, 2022

    Yours is soooo much better and cuter than the inspiration! I adore it! I would personally be more comfortable with a little more stability on the "tube-top" piece. If I ever make this, I would cover the back and have shoulder straps. WELL DONE!!!