Colored Eyebrows Tutorial for Cosplay and Halloween

by Unorthodoll
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20 Minutes

With Halloween coming up, here’s a simple, colored eyebrows look for the perfect costume. Follow along with my step-by-step tutorial to learn how to do colored eyebrows.

Tools and materials:

  • Washable, non-toxic glue stick
  • White cream eyeshadow (stick) or concealer
  • Colorful eyeshadow
  • Concealer
  • Flat concealer brush
  • Spoolie
  • Angled eyeshadow brush
  • Setting powder
  • Full coverage foundation
  • A color corrector (white or red-orange)
  • Makeup sponge
  • Makeup remover and toner (optional)
Before colored eyebrows

1. Prep your eyebrows

Start by removing any makeup from your brows. Then remove excess oils with a toner. Make sure your brows are clean and dry. 

Prepping eyebrows

2. Apply a glue base

Apply a thin layer of glue over your eyebrows, making sure to cover all the hairs.

Grab your spoolie and use it to guide the hairs to the desired shape. Repeat on the other brow. Use your finger to flatten the hairs, making sure they are all stuck down.

Applying glue

Brushing brows

3. Whiten your brows

Allow your brows to dry and wipe off any excess glue. Once everything is dry, grab your cream eyeshadow or concealer and use it to cover your brows and map out the shape. It’s ok if they’re not perfect. 

White eyebrows

4. Add color

Once your eyebrows are all white, use your angled eyeshadow brush and colorful eyeshadow. Use the brush to stamp on the color of your choice, completely covering the white. 

Colored brows

5. Fill in around your brows

Grab your concealer and a flat brush to trace around your brows, defining the shape and fixing any errors. And that’s it: colored eyebrows!

Before and after colored eyebrows

Up next, I’m going to show you how to cover dark eyebrows for the eyebrow-less look.

How to cover dark eyebrows

1. Prep your eyebrows

As before, make sure your brows are clean, dry and free of any excess oils.

Prepping eyebrows

2. Apply a glue base

Swirl the glue into your eyebrows, pushing as much product into the hair as possible. 

Glue base applied to brows

3. Brush your brows

While the glue is still wet, use your spoolie to push the hairs up and flat to your forehead.

Make sure all the hairs are glued down. Dab a bit more glue once you’ve brushed them to the desired shape. Then repeat on the other side and wait for them to dry. 

Brushing brows

Applying glue

4. Flatten your brows

Once the glue is no longer sticky, use the closed glue stick like a rolling pin to flatten the hairs. Then, in upward strokes, apply a single layer of glue over your eyebrows and wait for them to dry.

Flatten your brows and apply another layer of glue again, as you did before and allow to dry. Repeat this process about 4-5 coats and your brows are smooth.

Make sure to allow the glue to completely dry between coats before flattening. 

Glue on eyebrows

5. Set the glue

Grab your setting powder and apply to your eyebrows. 

Setting eyebrows

6. Cover with color corrector

Use your color corrector to completely cover all of the hairs. Then use a flat brush to make sure you get the product into all the crevices. Add more product as needed.

Applying color corrector to eyebrows

White eyebrow

7. Set your brows

Set the color corrector with setting powder.

Applying makeup to brows

8. Apply full coverage foundation

Using your makeup sponge, start stamping the foundation over the color corrector. 

Applying makeup to brows

If at this point you can still see traces of your eyebrows, go back in with the color corrector, set it with setting powder, add another layer of foundation and set it once more. And there you are–no more eyebrows!

Before and after: How to cover dark eyebrows

Colored eyebrows

Thanks for following along with this colored eyebrows tutorial. If you have any questions or just want to share your full look, reach out in the comments below. 

Suggested materials:
  • Washable, non-toxic glue stick
  • White cream eyeshadow (stick) or concealer
  • Colorful eyeshadow
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