How to Create Fun & Colorful Makeup Looks for Mature Skin

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If you’ve been looking for makeup looks for older women, here’s one with gorgeous pops of color and shimmer but still covers all imperfections with a flawless finish. Don't be afraid to add color to your eyes, cheeks, and lips; makeup should be fun, easy, and make you feel amazing!

I know there are all sorts of makeup and fashion “rules” out there for us gals over 50. But to tell you the truth, now I'm in my 50s, I really don’t care about those rules anymore! Go ahead & be a rule breaker! This is our time to do what brings us joy and makes us feel good about ourselves.

Tools and materials:

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Contour
  • Blush
  • Lipstick
  • Mascara
  • Brow color
  • Foundation brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Blending brush
  • Brow spoolie
  • Brow color application brush
  • Brow wax
  • Setting spray
  • Egg-shaped sponge

I'm using  makeup from Seint, but you could recreate this look with your own makeup.

Applying bronzer for a glow

1. Give a glow

I mix a bronze color together with a lighter color and apply it with a brush to give a gorgeous glow as the base before I put on any foundation. This also helps to correct some discolorations. I blend all the edges to blur any demarcation lines.

Applying contour to the face

2. Contour

I apply a darker color to my forehead, underneath my cheekbones, along my jaw, and underneath my chin with a brush. This helps add dimension and frame out my face. I gently blend out any lines and edges.

Applying concealer

3. Conceal

I conceal or camouflage any darkness and discoloration with a lighter shade. I apply the lighter shade with a concealer brush directly to the areas where I have the most discolorations.

I put it on my eyelids, underneath my eyes, and any areas that are dark or even purple in color - really anywhere that needs correcting. Smooth any lines with the brush.

Applying highlight to the face with fingers

4. Brighten!

I apply the lightest highlight color in certain areas to pull these areas forward. I use my fingers to pat this shade in an upside-down triangle starting from the center of my forehead towards the eyebrows and up to the bridge of the nose.

Then, I apply some down the bony part of my nose, and in the inner corner of my lower eyelid.

I also apply it lower down beneath my lower eyelids below my eye bags rather than just directly beneath my eye. This is because I don’t want to draw attention to my eye “luggage.” Blend this very well using fingers or a brush.

Makeup looks for older women

5. Foundation

Here, I just put strategic amounts of foundation. The color I use is a shade darker than my regular skin tone and it falls somewhere between the concealer and contour shades.

I apply it to those areas that need it rather than all over my face. I don’t want to undo the contour and highlight colors. Gently buff and blend so the skin looks glowing and flawless.

Applying color to the cheeks

6. Pops of color

I combine two shades of rose and pink for a beautiful glow. I apply the blush to the length of the cheekbone and blend it upwards toward the ears, then down towards the apple of the cheek to get that healthy look.

I put both colors on my lips. Though it may seem a bit bright at first, this pop of color is energizing and so pretty!

Makeup looks for older eyes

7. Eyeshadow 

If you’ve been worried about makeup looks for older eyes - this is for you! I start with a pale shade of eyeshadow with an eyeshadow brush, on the entire upper eyelid up to the brow.

Then, I use a mid-tonal shade and lightly brush it in the crease and above the crease of the eyelid. This technique is especially good for hooded eyes.

Next, I add a darker accent shade and lightly press it at the outside corner of the eyelid. To blend all these colors, I use a blending brush and lightly pull the outside corner of my eyelid taut to soften and smudge any lines.

Eye makeup looks over 50

I lightly run the brush underneath my eyes and use the leftover color from blending to give some depth to the eye.

I then use a shimmery color and gently pat it in the center of the eyelid where the eye is the highest to pull the eye forward and make my eyes look bigger.

If there is any shadow dust or fall-out from the eye makeup, dip the concealer brush into the concealer and clean the eye area for a perfect finish.

Defining eyebrows over 50

8. Brows

One of the more challenging areas for eye makeup looks over 50 is that most brows are scraggly or have lost their shape. I dip an eyebrow brush into the contour shade and draw a line, following the natural curve of the eyebrow on the bottom and another one on top.

I then turn the brush sideways, dip it into the contour shade again and draw small feathery strokes to mimic eyebrow hairs.

I spray a bit of setting spray into eyebrow wax. I then roll a spoolie to gently coat it in the eyebrow wax. I run the coated spoolie over the eyebrows, brushing the eyebrow hairs upward to set them into place.

Setting makeup with a spray and sponge

9. Finishing

I apply setting spray to an egg-shaped sponge and gently pat it all over my face to set the makeup into place.

Applying illuminator to cheek bones

For an extra bit of pop and shimmer, I take cream illumination and put a bit at the highest point on my cheekbones, directly underneath and on top of my eyebrows, down the center of my nose, and in the center of my bottom lip to add sheen and shimmer.

Colorful makeup looks for mature skin

Colorful makeup looks for mature skin

There is no reason makeup looks for older women have to be monochromatic or dull. Even if you have older eyes, using color brings vibrancy and life to those over 50.

Let me know what you think of this tutorial! I love hearing your comments. 

Suggested materials:
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Contour
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