How to Create Soft Summer Makeup For Mature Skin

Karen Lien
by Karen Lien
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10 Minutes

Summer heat can make wearing cream makeup products a little tricky. In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to create soft summer makeup for mature skin, including how to apply the best summer makeup for mature skin, and how to set it so it will not be affected by heat and moisture.

With this light, summer glow makeup, you will feel cool and confident all summer long.

Tools and materials:

  • Cream bronzer
  • Contour color
  • Highlighter
  • Cream lip color/blush
  • Illuminator
  • Setting spray
  • Matte eyeshadow
  • Shimmer eyeshadow
  • Blending brush
Applying bronzer to the face

1. Apply bronzer and blend

Grab a brush and a cream bronzer, and apply it all over your face in the same way you’d use a base or primer. It’s like adding a little bit of self-tanner that you can wash off before bed. Use a clean brush to blend the bronzer in very well. 

Applying contour and blending with a brush

2. Apply contour and blend

Next, apply your contour. You will not need to use much, since the bronzer already gives a beautiful summer warmth to your skin. Apply the contour color to your hairline, cheekbones, and jawline. Then blend it well with a brush. 

Applying highlighter for a summer glow

3. Apply highlighter and blend

Use a highlighter to give a pop of brightness to your face. Apply it with your finger in the inner corners of your eyes, the upper part of your cheek, the center of your forehead, and down the center of your nose.

This will help pull those parts of your face forward and give you an extra summer glow. Then, use a brush to blend it well. 

Best summer makeup for mature skin

4. Apply cream blush and blend

Add a bit of color with your favorite lip and cheek shade. Use your finger to apply the blush along the top of your cheekbones, pulling it back towards your temples. Then, blend it with a brush.

Light summer makeup look

5. Apply illuminator

Use an illuminator for a little extra summer glow. Apply it to your cheekbones with the pad of your finger. 

Summer glow makeup

6. Apply setting spray and let dry

If you want your soft summer makeup to last all day in the heat, you need to use a setting spray. Liberally spray the setting spray all over your face, and let it dry completely.

Applying eyeshadow with fingers

7. Apply eyeshadow

Using the pad of your finger, apply a matte eyeshadow shade all over your mobile lid. Then, grab a shimmer eyeshadow in a complementary shade, and apply it right along your upper lash line. 

Soft summer makeup for mature skin

Soft summer makeup for mature skin

Here is the final look. I love how natural it looks, how light it feels, and how easy it is to do. I recommend getting color-matched, so you know which shades look best for you. What do you think of this summer makeup look? Will you be giving it a try?  

Suggested materials:
  • Cream bronzer
  • Contour color
  • Highlighter
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