How to Do Soft Summer Makeup For Mature Skin: 8 Summer Essentials

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In this tutorial, I’m going to share with you a soft summer makeup tutorial so you can know how I do summer makeup for mature skin. This routine makes all the difference to my face during the summer months.

If you’ve been looking for soft, summery, and light makeup for older women, stick around, and let’s get into it.

Tools and materials:

  • Face primer
  • Beauty balm
  • Translucent powder
  • Highlighter
  • Bronzer
  • Brow shaping gel
  • Spoolie
  • Mascara
  • Lip gloss

I'm using makeup from  Look Fabulous Forever, which is specially designed for older skin, but you can replicate the same techniques with your own preferred products.

Applying primer to the skin

1. Primer

This item is essential all year round, but it’s especially important in the summer. During the summer months when your face is hot and you want your makeup to last and look good till the end of the day, you need a face primer.

Put about the size of a garden pea on your face, over your moisturizer, mixed with or underneath your foundation. After applying a nice, smooth layer, your skin will immediately feel like silk.

Applying beauty balm with a brush

2. Beauty balm (BB cream)

When you want to unify the skin tone, but also ensure that your skin looks as fresh, bright, and pretty as possible, grab a beauty balm instead of a foundation. This is key for achieving a light summer makeup look.

Beauty balms are lightweight, feel really beautiful on the skin, and create a slight translucent look that we all want from our base.

Squeeze a bit on the back of your hand, and use a brush, sponge, or your fingers to quickly and lightly apply to your face.

Applying translucent powder with a brush

3. Translucent powder

Translucent powder reduces any opportunity or possibility of shine. A shiny face that gives the appearance of perspiring, even slightly, is not a particularly good look, so this is perfect to put on top of your balm or foundation. 

Applying highlighter to the face

4. Highlighter

I love highlighters. They're a great way to create a bit of luminescence on your face for a lovely summer glow. I put a highlighter at the top of my cheekbones and on my brow bones in a bit of an arc.

Summer makeup for mature skin

You can also put a stripe down the center of your nose as a slimming technique, or even around your lips so your lipstick pops.

Applying light bronzer to the face

5. Bronzer

For bronzer, I don’t like to go too orange or put too much on. You just need a very light touch and it’ll add a lovely sun-kissed look to your face.

I’m just applying on my cheeks and under my chin with a light sweep across my forehead.

Grooming eyebrows with brow shaping gel

6. Brow shaping gel

No soft summer makeup look is complete until you’ve done your eyebrows. I start off grooming them with a spoolie to make sure they have a good shape. This will also help get rid of any makeup residue that has settled in your eyebrows. 

The best summer makeup for mature skin

Then, I’m taking a gray brow shaping gel and using light, feathery strokes to fill in any gaps and add a bit of color to darken and intensify the color of my brows.

Soft summer light makeup for older women

I’ll also use the same product to lengthen my brows until I’ve got a better definition in terms of color and shape. If necessary, go back in with the spoolie to touch up.

Summer makeup over 60

7. Eye makeup

I've gone for a smokey eye look here, but I appreciate that not everyone wants such a dramatic effect. See my sister tutorial on light summer eye makeup for a more everyday look.

After you complete your eye makeup to your preference, add some mascara. Mascara makes all the difference to your eyelashes by adding color and darkening them.

Applying lip gloss rather than lipstick

8. Lip gloss

Instead of a traditional lipstick, use lip gloss on top of some lip primer. This is perfect for the summery look.

Soft summer makeup for older women

Soft summer makeup tutorial

Here’s the finished look detailing all of my essentials for the best summer makeup for mature skin.

These products will help your face look prettier and softer, and are suitable for a summer’s day when you want your makeup to last and look fresh and gorgeous, even after a long day in the sun.

Let me know what your favorite summer essentials are down below!

Suggested materials:
  • Face primer
  • Beauty balm
  • Translucent powder
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