Cú Chulainn's Warp Spasm Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

by Loepsie
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Cú Chulainn, a fabled Irish warrior, son of a god, and a mortal woman. A hero who during battle would enter a frenzied state that was later termed a warp spasm. I can only aspire to approach something as impressive as Cú Chulainn's warp spasm, but today I am going to do my best to show you how you can create it for a truly epic Halloween costume.

Tools and materials:

  • Face paint palette
  • Eyeshadow palette
  • White eyeliner pencil
  • Makeup brushes
  • A tall, light object
  • Hairband
  • White contact lenses
Outlining mouth

1. Outline the shape of the mouth

The lower part of your face and neck will be the focal point of his massive mouth. Begin by using a white eyeliner pencil to outline the general shape of the mouth, from under your nose down to your neck. 

Outlining mouth

In addition, you want to include the shape of his upper lip and teeth over your entire mouth.


Outlining mouth

On your neck, draw in the shape of a tongue and below that his bottom teeth.

Outlining mouth

Remember to outline the basic details of his teeth.

Outlining eyes

2. Outline the shape of the large eye

During warp spasm, Cú Chulainn's one eye was sucked into his head, while the other eye appeared to fall outward toward his cheek.

To create the contrast between the two eyes, use your right eye as the canvas to draw the shape of his massive, protruding eye. I did this by drawing a larger circle around the whole of my right eye and within that a second smaller circle.

Gluing brows

3. Cover up your eyebrow

The next step is to eliminate the texture of your natural eyebrow by layering non-toxic glue and powder.

Repeat the layering until the texture of your eyebrow is basically gone. Remember to get the glue on all sides of the hair to make this process as effective as possible.

Powdering brows

Over this apply a heavy-duty concealer and set it with powder.

Now it's time to start filling everything in. I personally used face paint and regular eyeshadow, but you can use whatever you have on hand.

To make the look more 3D, I apply the basic colors first, followed by some darker and lighter shades here and there to give it dimension.

Filling in mouth

4. Start detailing the mouth

Begin by filling in the area that will be his upper teeth with white face paint.

Filling in mouth

Repeat on the bottom teeth.


Filling in mouth

Using face paint as close to lip color as possible, color in the area below the teeth to start creating his large lower lip.



Adding mouth makeup

Adding mouth makeup

Repeat for his upper lip, this time creating more of an elaborate lip shape above your own. Fill it in with the face paint blending it all the way down to his bottom lip.

Adding mouth makeup

Color in the tongue with the same color.


Adding mouth makeup

To create the wide void in his mouth, take black face paint and fill in the areas you have not yet touched.


Adding mouth makeup

Blend the black down and around the tongue to add dimension.


Adding mouth makeup

Now create the upper teeth using a thin make-up brush and black paint.


Adding mouth makeup

Repeat on the bottom.


Adding mouth makeup

For a more realistic appearance, line the lips as well.


Adding mouth makeup

Highlight areas of the lips to make the look more convincing.

Applying foundation

5. Cover your face with foundation

Apply foundation to your whole face for a smoother texture and then cover with powder to set.

Detailing eye

6. Start detailing the large eye

Let’s really make that massive eye pop. Using white face paint enhances the circles previously drawn, blending the white into the center of the eye.

Detailing eye

Outline each part of the eye with black face paint and fill in the pupil.


Detailing eye

Remember to give it eyelashes to maintain a realistic appearance.


Detailing eye

This part is all about shading, applying those darker and lighter colors in the right places. 


Adding eyebrow

Draw on a new eyebrow above the larger eye.


Adding eyebrow

Use this opportunity to make your other eyebrow a little thicker and manly. 


Adding frown lines

Add in a couple of frown lines to capture his anger.

Styling hair

7. Style your hair

Because your hair will be upright, it is important to tease it a lot, so it gets that easy-to-manipulate texture.


Adding object to head

Find an object that is tall and light (I found a decorative plastic mushroom) and place it on the top center of your head.

Draping hair over object

Now drape your hair up and over it, collecting your ends at the top…


Tying ends

… and tie them off with an elastic band. 

Teasing hair

Tease your hair a little bit more.

Adding white contact lenses

The finishing touch is a white contact lense. This will white out your iris making your eye look tiny, really enhancing the size difference of the two eyes. 

Completed Cú Chulainn's warp spasms makeup

If you want to get into the spirit of Halloween, check out the video to hear the stories of Cú Chulainn's warp spasms.

It was so much fun making this tutorial, I really hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know if you try this out. 

Suggested materials:
  • Face paint palette
  • Eyeshadow palette
  • White eyeliner pencil
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    Hi Loepsie, are you a professional makeup artist?? If not you should be. Your tutorial and the outcome is VERY well done. Thank you for sharing :)