How to DIY Frosty and Festive Nails for the Holidays

by ImGirlYouDontKnow
5 Materials
20 Minutes

I don’t know about you, but for me, when the holiday season comes along, I want my nails to tie in with all the festive celebrations that are going on.

In this nail tutorial, I’m going to show you a manicure you can do for Christmas. It’s super easy to do and very festive as well. We’re going to be creating some frosty nails with cute prints on them. Let’s jump on in!

Tools materials: 

  • Nail polish
  • Glitter nail polish
  • Top coat
  • Christmas prints
  • Nail stamping plate
Painting the base

1. Paint the base

Start by painting your nails with a pale blue base.

Adding glittery nail polish

2. Add a glittery polish

Once the base is dry, go over it with either a clear glitter or a light color that has glitter in it. I went for a light blue shimmery polish. 

Adding gold nail polish

3. Apply gold nail polish

When the glittery polish is dry, go in with gold glitter nail polish and apply it in random splotches on your nail.

You want the gold on each nail to look different.

Applying a top coat

4. Apply a top coat

Once the gold polish is dry, apply a clear top coat.

Stamping nails

5. Stamp your nails

Now for the fun part. Take some Christmas stamp designs and cover the image that you’d like to use with white nail polish.

Then use a scraper to spread the polish to make it even. Pick up the image with your stamper by pressing it onto the plate and then transfer the image by pressing it onto your nails.

I went for a different Christmas-themed stamp on each nail.

Applying top coat

6. Apply a top coat 

Finish the look by applying a clear topcoat to seal everything in and add some shine.

Repeat the process for the nails on your other hand and then you’re done!

Completed DIY frosty nails,

Frosty nails for Christmas

Here are the finished nails!

Most people tend to think of red when it comes to Christmas nails, but I love this frosty wintertime design.

My nails have a snowman on, reindeer, snowflakes, Christmas trees, candy canes, and all of the other wonderful things associated with this time of year.

I love this Christmas nail art. If you do too, leave a comment down below.

Suggested materials:
  • Nail polish
  • Glitter nail polish
  • Top coat
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