How to Make a Festive DIY Plaid Christmas Dress for the Holidays

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3 Hours

This simple DIY plaid Christmas dress is made from stretchy tartan fabric. It’s festive and comfortable to wear and will take you from casual gatherings to fancy Christmas parties. Follow this tutorial to learn how to make your own Christmas dress.

Tools and materials:

  • Tartan fabric
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing elastic
  • Sewing pins
  • Sewing machine
Tracing a camisole for the bodice pattern

1. Create the bodice pattern

Use a camisole as your template for the bodice of the Christmas dress. Fold your tartan fabric in half, with the front of the fabric facing in.

Place your folded camisole on the fabric, with the folds together, and trace the neckline, armhole, and outside edge of the camisole onto your fabric at the top. 

Cutting the bodice piece out of the fabric

Cut the bodice piece from the fabric.

Cutting the neckline of the back lower

Use the piece you just cut as a template for the back bodice but cut the neckline of the back bodice lower than the neckline on the front.

Sewing the bodice pieces for the plaid dress

2. Sew the bodice

With right sides facing together, sew the two bodice pieces together creating angled side seams so that the bodice will taper in.

Measuring the armhole for the sleeves

3. Cut the sleeve fabric

With the fabric folded and the front facing in, trace the camisole underarm and strap onto your fabric. Then, cut your fabric to the width and length of the sleeve you want, keeping the curve of the underarm and strap that you traced on it.

Make the sleeve wider than the length of the camisole strap, and the outside of the sleeve along the fold of the fabric.

Sew the open side of the fabric, which will be the inside of the sleeve, closed.

Making the skirt for the Christmas dress

4. Make the Christmas dress skirt

With fabric folded and the front inside, trace an A-line skirt shape to the width and length you want, adding in a seam allowance. Cut out the skirt along your traced lines.

Use the first skirt piece as a template for a second piece.

Sewing the front and back skirt pieces

With right sides facing, sew the skirt front and back pieces together.

Making the waistband for the plaid dress

5. Make the Christmas dress waistband

Cut two waistband pieces to the size you need, allowing for a seam allowance. You will not want to add any interfacing to the waistband because you will lose the stretchiness of the fabric.

Sewing the waistband pieces together

With right sides facing, sew the two waistband pieces together.

How to make your own Christmas dress

Now all of the Christmas dress pieces have been cut and are ready to assemble.

Attaching the waistband to the skirt

6. Attach the waistband to the skirt

Using a needle and thread, gather the waist of the skirt by hand so it matches the width of the waistband.

How to sew a Christmas dress

Fold the waistband in half and sew it to the bodice and the skirt pieces. If you need to, stretch the waistband slightly to catch all of the skirt and bodice fabric.

Attaching elastic to the dress neckline

7. Finish the neckline

Measure two lengths of elastic slightly smaller than the width of the front and back bodice necklines. Pin the elastic in place, folding the bodice over it to make a casing. Sew the casings closed, stretching the elastic slightly as you sew to gather the neckline.

Attaching the sleeves to the bodice

8. Attach the sleeves to the bodice

Pin the sleeves to the bodice, with right sides together. Line up the inner sleeve seam with the bodice side seam, and the front and back of the sleeves with the front and back of the bodice.

How to make a plaid dress for Christmas

Sew the sleeves in place, starting at the inside seam and sewing first from the middle to the front, and then from the middle to the back.

Sewing casing for the elastic on the sleeves

Fold under the remaining raw edge of the sleeves to create casings. Sew the casing seams leaving an opening at the inside armhole seam to insert elastic.

Inserting elastic into the casing

Insert elastic into the casing and sew along the edge of the casing to close the opening.

Hemming the sleeve cuff with elastic

9. Hem the sleeve

Using the same method as you did with the top of the sleeve, create a casing at the bottom of the sleeve and insert and secure the elastic. 

Hemming the bottom of the Christmas dress

10. Hem the dress

Fold the dress hem under once and sew it in place with a topstitch.

DIY plaid dress

DIY Christmas dress in tartan fabric

DIY Christmas dress tutorial

This DIY tartan Christmas dress is so cute! If you don’t have a party to go to, you might just want to dress up and stay home. Because of the elastic waistline, you could also choose to wear it as an off-the-shoulder dress.

Leave a comment to let me know how your Christmas dress turned out and where you wore it!

Suggested materials:
  • Tartan fabric
  • Scissors
  • Thread
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