How to Make a Cute DIY Christmas Dress Out of an Old Red Hoodie

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Is there a way to turn a red sweatshirt into a sexy DIY Christmas dress? Why yes there is a way to make your own Christmas dress in a cozy fabric out of a hoodie that’s guaranteed to impress!

Here’s how to sew a Christmas dress even if you’re a beginner to wear to a Christmas party that same day! Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Large or XL red sweatshirt
  • Fold-over elastic
  • Sewing machine
  • Gathering foot 
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Ruler - straight
  • Curved ruler for sewing
  • Marking or tailor’s chalk
  • Your own well-fitting tank top (spaghetti strap style)
  • Black knit tape
Red hoodie before the DIY transformation

Cutting off the hoodie sleeves

1. Deconstruct the hoodie

Lay the hoodie down on a flat surface. Cut off the sleeves.

Cutting off the hood

Then, cut off the hood including any additional fabric at the front neckline.

Cutting off the ribbing at the bottom

Then, remove the ribbed bottom.

Unpicking the pocket with a seam ripper

Unpick the pocket with the seam ripper.

Using a strappy top to trace the pattern

2. Cut the pattern

Fold the sweatshirt in half lengthwise. Fold your own well-fitting spaghetti strap tank top in half and lay it on top of the sweatshirt so both folds are laying on top of each other.

Measuring the top of the Christmas dress

Have the top of the tank top at the shoulder line. Mark the top point with the tailor’s chalk across. Then mark the length you desire.

Marking the top of the Christmas dress

Remove the tank top. From the top neckline down on the fold mark 10 inches (25 cm). 

Marking the waistline of the dress

From the outside length line mark in at that point 1¼ inches (3 cm) for the waistline.

Using a curved ruler to mark the bust

Use the curved ruler to mark for the bust.

Using a curved ruler to mark the hips

Turn the ruler around the other way to mark for the hip line.

Cutting out the fabric pieces

Mark a ½-inch seam allowance and cut the body. At the top, leave no seam allowance.

Cutting across the top of the fabric

You’ll have two pieces. Lay the straight ruler across the top of the back piece. Mark a straight line and cut.

Adding white trim to the red bodice piece

3. Attach the elastic trim

Take the elastic and fold it over the top flat part of the front piece, sandwiching the red fabric in between. Pin into place and sew with a straight stitch.

Trimming excess elastic

Trim any excess elastic.

Repeat for the back piece.  

Pinning elastic straps to the Christmas dress

4. Make elastic straps

Cut 2 pieces of the fold-over elastic, each measuring about 25 inches. Take the first long piece of elastic and fold it over, sandwiching the side angle on the front. Pin it into place. 

Sewing the elastic straps onto the dress

Sew the elastic fold down all the way to the end of the elastic. Do the same technique for the other side.

Sewing up one side of the DIY Christmas dress

5. Sew the dress

Place the front and back, right sides together. Sew up only one side.

How to sew a dress out of a hoodie

Use a straight stitch first, then do a zigzag stitch for extra security!

Trimming the edges of the ribbing

6. Make the ruffle

Take the ribbing you removed and trim any scraggly or rough edges.

Unfolding the cut ribbing

Unfold the ribbing, then cut down the fold so you have two equal loops. 

Make your own Christmas dress

Cut each loop on the seam. You should have two long pieces.

Sewing the ribbing pieces together

Lay them so the right sides are together at the short end. Sew with a straight stitch to create one long strip.

Sewing a gathering stitch to the ribbing

Attach a gathering foot to your sewing machine. Feed the strip through the sewing machine, creating the ruffle.

Ruffle for the DIY Christmas dress

7. Attach the ruffle

Pinning the ruffle to the DIY Christmas dress

Lay the dress down right side up. Lay the ruffle right side up with the ruffles towards the neckline. Pin the ruffle in place.

Sewing the ruffle to the DIY Christmas dress

Sew at the hem and seam line with a straight stitch first, then follow with a zigzag stitch.

Trimming the excess ruffle from the dress

Trim any excess ruffle.

Sewing the open side seam of the dress

8. Sew the open side seam

Lay the dress right sides together. Pin the open side seam. Sew with a straight stitch, followed by a zigzag stitch.

Measuring the strap placement

9. Attach the straps at the back

Keep the dress right sides together. Measure and mark about 5 inches (12cm) in from each side seam towards the center. 

Pinning the elastic straps to the dress back

Measure from the edge of the elastic at the top of the dress. Measure and mark about 14 inches on the elastic towards the end on both elastics. Pin the elastic to the marks.

Sewing the straps to the dress

Sew them to the back.

Trimming the excess elastic

Trim any excess.

Making a =bow for the DIY Christmas dress

10. Attach the bow

Turn the dress right side out. Make a bow with knit tape and secure it around the waist.

Making sleeves for the DIY Christmas dress

11. Make the sleeves

Take the original sleeves of the sweatshirt and turn them inside out. 

How to make a Christmas dress

Measure from the cuff on the outer side of the sleeve 18 inches (45cm) down towards the shoulder. Mark that measurement across the width of the sleeve. 

Measuring sleeves for the Christmas dress

Then measure from that line 6 inches (15 cm) from the outer seam towards the inner seam.

Using a curved ruler on the sleeves

Use the curved ruler with the curve facing the inner seam to mark the cutting line.

Marking the cuff lines

Make sure you end the marking at the cuff line. Add ½ an inch (1 cm) seam allowance. Cut the sleeves on the markings keeping the cuff intact.

Sewing a new inner seam for the sleeves

Sew the new inner seam with a straight stitch followed by a zigzag stitch. Turn them inside out. The sleeves are worn with the cuff up on the upper arm and the bell opening towards the wrist.

DIY Christmas dress with sleeves

DIY Christmas dress from a hoodie

DIY Christmas dress from a hoodie tutorial

How charming is this DIY Christmas dress?! Let me know how easy it was for you to make your own Christmas dress from a sweatshirt in the comments below! Merry Christmas!

Suggested materials:
  • Large or XL red sweatshirt
  • Fold-over elastic
  • Sewing machine
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