How to Easily Make a Cute DIY Overall Dress Out of Old Pants

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If you’ve got some oversized pants hanging out in your closet, you can put them to good use with this DIY overall dress tutorial. Follow along and learn how to make a really cute overall dress out of pants.

If you’re ready for the magic, then let’s begin.

Tools and materials:

  • Old, oversized pants
  • Ruler
  • Fabric chalk
  • Sewing pins
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
Disassembling the old pants

1. Disassemble your old pants

Fold your pants in half lengthwise and draw a line straight across the pant leg at the top of the crotch.

Cutting off the pant legs

Cut off both pant legs together at that line. The bottom portion of the pants is the fabric you will be working with to make your overall dress.

Cutting open the pant legs

Cut open both pant legs along the side seam.

Cutting off the side seam

Lay both pieces together with right sides facing in and cut off the side seam completely.

Drawing the hem of the overall dress

Use a ruler and chalk to draw a straight line across the bottom of the fabric. That will be the hem of your dress. Cut the fabric along that line.

Making the DIY overall dress pattern

2. Make the overall dress pattern

Place a skirt that fits you well on top of the fabric and mark where the waistline of your overall dress will be.

Complete the pattern by drawing in the top of the overall dress bib and connecting the end of that line with the waistline. Put a small curve into the vertical line on the side that connects the top of the bib with the waistline.

Cutting out the DIY overall dress pattern

Cut the fabric along the vertical side line and the line at the top of the bib.

How to sew an overall dress

3. Sew the overall dress

With right sides facing, pin the bottom portion of the front and back pieces of your overall dress together on the sides. Then, sew the side seams from the waistline to the hem only, using a zigzag stitch.

Do not sew the sides of the top portion of the dress.

How to make overalls out of pants

Fold in and pin the top and side edges of the top portion of the dress front. Sew those edges using a straight stitch. Repeat for the dress back.

How to make a overall dress

Fold up, pin and sew the hem of the dress. I used a decorative stitch at the hem just for some interest.

Cutting off the pants' waistband

4. Make overall dress straps

Cut the whole waistband off your old pants.

Cutting the waistband to make straps

Fold the waistband in half widthwise and cut it on the fold so you have two matching straps.

Cutting off the belt loops

Snip the belt loops off your straps and use a seam ripper to get the bits of belt loop remaining on the straps after cutting them.

Cutting buttonholes in the straps

5. Add buttons and buttonholes

Remove the old pants buttons and choose some new ones for your overall dress. Measure and mark, on the straps, the size and position of the buttonholes you will need. Then, cut the new buttonholes in your straps.

Marking where to attach the buttons

Lay the straps on top of the top part of your dress and use chalk to mark on the dress where the buttons will be attached.

Hand-sewing the buttons in place

Hand sew the buttons to the front of your overall dress.

Sewing the straps to the back of the DIY overall dress

Sew the other end of the straps to the inside of your overall dress close to the sides.

Finishing the buttonholes with zigzag stitch

Finally, finish your buttonholes with a zigzag stitch on a very small setting.

DIY overall dress

DIY overall dress from pants tutorial

All done! It was really pretty simple, and the overall dress is very cute. Give it a try with some old, oversized pants of yours, and let me know how it turned out by leaving me a comment. Thanks for joining!

Suggested materials:
  • Old, oversized pants
  • Ruler
  • Fabric chalk
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