5 Cute & Colorful Christmas Dress Outfits for the Festive Holidays

The holiday season is finally upon us, and if you’re feeling a little uninspired when it comes to choosing the perfect Christmas dress outfit, then I’m here to take all your worries away!

My last festive style guide was all about Little Black Christmas Dress Outfit Ideas, but you don't need to dress in dark colors just because it's winter.

Today, I’ll be showing you some flattering, sophisticated, and colorful Christmas dress ideas so you can enjoy your next holiday event in style. Let’s get started!

Green Christmas dress with a black top

Look 1 - Green Christmas dress

So, my first look is really fun and chic. I’m wearing a green sweater dress with a gold and black print shirt underneath. This dress is so flowy, and the color is so festive.

Also, if you look at the top, the gold foil with polka dot details is super chic and hits the nail on the head when it comes to dressing (and feeling) festive this holiday season. 

Christmas dress outfit with gold shoes

For the shoes, I chose these beautiful glittery low heels. The long strap around the ankle gives the entire look a nice, dressed-up touch.

If glitter isn’t your thing, then you could opt for a pair of plain black pumps to complete this festive look. 

How to accessorize a green Christmas dress

Lastly, I accessorized this style with a small black bag. What do you think of this outfit?

Orange Christmas dress

Look 2 - Orange Christmas dress

This next Christmas dress outfit is just so comfortable and elegant. I’m wearing a silk midi-length dress. It’s got a lovely warm orange tone, which definitely works for any holiday event from Thanksgiving to New Year.

The shine and sheen on the dress give it that magical touch. If you’re not into any typical Christmas colors such as red or green, this burnt orange also goes a long way. 

Colorful Christmas dress ideas

Tassel earrings as accessories

Next, I have a set of lovely long tassel earrings to go with this dress. I think it gives a lovely flare to the whole outfit. 

How to accessorize an orange dress

And as for the shoes, I matched this dress with a pair of snakeskin sling-back shoes. I chose this lovely nude handbag with a thick gold chain to my ensemble, which really matches everything, including the shoes!

I think this pop of print works really well and kind tones down the orange-colored satin dress. 

Adding a tan trench coat over the top

Here are some outerwear options should you need something warmer! Go for neutral tones to compliment the whole color scheme. 

Red Christmas dress for the holidays

Look 3 - Red Christmas dress

If you’re like me and love being bold, then red is definitely a great color for the season.

Here, I’m wearing a lovely red sweater dress with a slit on the front side. It’s a soft, ribbed fabric that gives great texture to the look.

I decided to bedazzle this outfit with a rhinestone-encrusted statement headband and a pair of metallic pumps.

I finished off this ensemble with a box-style plain black bag. I think the sparkles give this look a festive, cheerful touch. 

White Christmas dress with red boots

Look 4 - White Christmas dress

I decided to style another sweater dress for you. I think they are so comfy, and the texture is perfect for the cold season. This particular sweater dress is slightly off-white and is super flowy.

I wanted to add a pop of color, so I decided to pair this dress with red ankle boots. This look is perfect for a cozy family gathering or if you’re hosting Christmas at home.

Gold sequined bag to go with the white dress

I paired this look with a light gold sequined style bag, as pictured above. 

Red plaid coat with a white dress & red boots

Here’s another outerwear option- a classic red plaid coat! I think this print is perfect for the holidays, and it really works well with the white Christmas dress. 

Sexy Christmas party dress in olive green

Look 5 - Sexy Christmas party dress

Ok, here’s something that will accentuate your curves and give off a sexy vibe! I’m wearing this breathtaking olive green bodycon-style dress with a wrap tie. 

The puffy sleeves definitely give this lovely number a unique touch. I went for gold pumps this time, and it creates the perfect color combination with the olive green dress.

As for my clutch, I also opted for something gold to carry the theme throughout. 

Oversized gold earrings as accessories

Since I have an updo, I decided to accessorize this look with a pair of flashy gold earrings. These are oversized and oversized accessories are really in this season.

Four colorful Christmas dress ideas

Colorful Christmas dress outfits

We have come to the end of our Christmas dress outfit style guide. I hope you have inspiration on what to wear for your next Christmas event. You don’t have to overdo it when it comes to color; adding some statement accessories really goes a long way.

Christmas dress outfits with coats and bags

What were your favorite Christmas dress ideas from the options above? I’d love to hear your feedback. Have a magical festive season, and see you next time. 

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