5 Cute Winter & Christmas Outfits That Cover All Festive Occasions

Christmas time is that magical time of year, meeting friends and family and enjoying memorable get-togethers. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you 5 elegant winter and Christmas outfit ideas that will give you a stylish, classic, and trendy vibe for the season.

Page down as I show you some fantastic glam holiday outfits and how you can look your best for any festive event or Christmas day outfit.

Cute Christmas outfits for women

1. Leather pants & a white camisole

So, this one is really classic and simple. I’m wearing a pair of stunning leather pants, and I paired it with a plain white camisole that’s tucked into the pants. I pulled some of the bottom parts out over the top to give it a lovely layered look.

I personally feel uncomfortable wearing the camisole and leather pants on their own; that’s why I opted for this amazingly soft and fluffy white cardigan over the top.

Next, I paired this sexy number with black high heels to give it a sophisticated feel. As for jewelry, I kept it pretty simple; wearing a splash of gold here and there, and I wore a black strap watch. 

Glam holiday outfits

2. Little black dress

This has to be one of the most glam holiday outfits on this list. Yes, the little black dress never gets old and looks absolutely fab! I opted for a little twist to the classic outfit by wearing an elegant wrap dress.

I also feel it’s multi-functional across seasons; you can even wear this dress during the summer. This is what I like about versatile pieces; you can wear them on so many different occasions.

Cozy Christmas outfits

3. Cozy sweater

Now, depending on your mood and the weather, you can go for something comfy. I love this outfit, and it's one of my favorites when it comes to cozy Christmas outfits!

This sweater really is the focal point of this whole outfit, and thanks to its gorgeous deep burgundy tone, it is definitely something to flaunt around a relaxed Christmas setting.

I paired this delightful sweater with a pair of corduroy flare pants and comfy ankle boots. So yes, this is more chilled, but it does still feel like I’ve made an effort, and of course, I feel great wearing this outfit! 

Pretty Christmas outfits for women

4. Sparkly blouse & white pants

A little bit of Christmas sparkle never hurt anyone! If you want to dazzle at your next Christmas event, then this glam holiday outfit is for you. I have this lovely shiny blouse, and I paired it with white pants.

To keep up with that sparkly Christmas vibe, I paired this festive ensemble with some gold heels. I may just wear this outfit for Christmas day, what do you think? 

Cute Christmas outfits for women

5. Leather pants & elegant blouse

Going back to my gorgeous leather pants, I decided to pair them with this fun blouse and a pair of elegant loafers. I also accessorized this look with gold bracelets, hoop earrings, and necklaces to look cohesive with the gold hardware on my loafers.

I really love the details on the blouse. Instead of tucking it in, I decided to tie the front for a playful vibe. Also, you can pair this blouse with a lovely blazer. 

Winter & Christmas outfits

There you have it, 5 winter and Christmas outfits, from glam to cozy and casual, to get you through the holidays! These should have you covered from festive parties to family time at home. I love each look, and I’m not quite sure what I'll be choosing for Christmas day.

Let me know in the comments below what outfit I should choose for my Christmas day lunch. Thanks for joining me, and happy holidays! 

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Have a great week everyone, Jess x 

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