How to Make a DIY Hair Growth Oil With Only 2 Ingredients

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Only two ingredients and your hair will grow like crazy? This DIY hair growth oil is super easy to make and has so many great ingredients to help you gain and retain length! Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Olive oil 
  • Raw organic honey
  • Double boiler
  • Dropper bottle
  • Storage bottle

DIY hair growth oil recipe

DIY hair growth oil recipe with olive oil

1. Add olive oil

Add four tablespoons of olive oil to a double boiler pot, or two if you’re making this for the first time and you’re unsure if your hair will like it. You can use whatever oil your hair loves best for this hair growth oil recipe, but I used olive oil.

Homemade hair mask for hair growth with honey

2. Add honey

Add one tablespoon and one teaspoon of raw organic honey. It doesn’t have to be manuka or creamed or anything specific, it just has to be unaltered. That means it shouldn’t say ‘the smell has been removed’ or ‘honey for cooking’. It should be honey only.

Heating the mixture using a double boiler

3. Heat for 15 minutes

I’m doing the double boiler method and heating up the mixture for 15 minutes. The key is to make sure the water doesn’t touch the bowl because the nutrients in the honey will be destroyed at 98 degrees, so don’t let the mixture boil, just the water.

Bottling the mixture

4. Bottle

Once cooled, put it into a glass bottle. You can use plastic, but the glass prevents the absorption of any toxins in the plastic, plus it preserves better. 

DIY hair growth oil for black hair

I poured the rest of the oil into a glass jar to store. Remember not to make too much because most natural products don’t have a very long shelf life.

How to apply the DIY hair growth oil

Sectioning the hair before application

1. Section

I like to use this oil as a hot oil treatment, so I’m going to begin by separating my hair into four even sections to make sure the product is evenly distributed. 

Heating up the oil

2. Warm up the oil

I left the oil in a hot cup of water to make the oil nice and warm before use. The water shouldn’t be boiling and it shouldn’t be hot enough to burn.

Mixing and applying to the hands

3. Mix

Shake the bottle to mix up the oil and honey just long enough to apply and mix in your hands.

Working the treatment into the hair lengths

4. Work into your hair

Work this in your hair and it should absorb just like a serum. I recommend avoiding your scalp, even though honey is water-soluble, because of the oil. It's best used on the shaft.

Applying the hair oil directly to the ends

Also, apply it with the dropper directly to your ends since those parts are the oldest, driest, and most prone to breakage. I also recommend applying to your hairline and doing a scalp massage to work it in.

Twisting the hair

5. Twist

Once you’re done applying, twist up your hair to make sure it’s perfectly absorbed.

How to make hair growth oil

6. Let sit

Put a plastic bag over your head and let the oil sit in your hair for 20 minutes, preferably under heat, then wash it out.

I recommend doing this on wash day. It’ll wash off really easily and make your hair feel so soft and shiny. 

DIY hair growth oil benefits

This DIY hair growth oil is going to help you retain length. Hair grows a good amount each month, but you might find your hair is the same length at the year’s end. That’s because your hair is breaking at the same rate that it’s growing or your split ends are just too high.

This oil will help you keep as much of the hair you’re growing as possible as opposed to being a scalp stimulant.


Honey has so many science-backed benefits for hair growth. It’s a humectant, which means it bonds with water to add moisture to your hair. It also contains multiple vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that help restore the natural luster of your hair.

Honey contains 0.5 percent of protein, which will help build up the keratin in your hair. I don’t think this will affect you much if you’re protein sensitive, but always try things out before committing to it!

DIY hair growth oil tutorial

DIY hair growth oil tutorial

That’s it for this two-ingredient DIY hair growth oil recipe! homemade hair mask for hair growth! If you try this out, let me know how you like it!

Suggested materials:
  • Olive oil
  • Raw organic honey
  • Double boiler
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