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Cotton rounds are something most of us women are using on a daily basis. Wiping off makeup, rubbing in face lotions and creams, applying ointments, all force you to spend a few cotton rounds in one go, throwing them into the trash as you finish.

That is not sustainable, green, nor eco-friendly. What is like that, are reusable cotton rounds. That’s right, reusable. You just wash them after using them and once they dry, they are ready for action again. Environmental awareness at its finest. Here’s how you can make these little guys on your own. I keep them in a jar in my bathroom so they are always on hand.

Cut out the cotton rounds pattern (it's free over at

Prewash and dry some cotton flannel and get your sewing machine ready

Take some cotton flannel and wash it, dry it, and iron it. Fold the fabric in half, right sides out. This will give your cotton rounds more thickness.

If you don't have printer, you can use a cap of a wide-throat bottle or a narrower jar and place it on the fabric. Draw around the cap with a pen or a marker. Make as many circles like these as you can.


Cut out the circles you just drew.

Sew the cotton rounds

Now go to your sewing machine and get ready to stitch. Use the stretch stitch setting and sew all around the circles. Don’t worry about precision, they don’t have to be perfect, in fact, they look even better if they are a bit funky.

Cut all excess threads and put your new cotton rounds in a jar or a container of your choice. Then put it straight into the medicine cabinet.

You can wash these in the washing machine together with the rest of your clothes. Use a cotton produce bag if your machine likes to munch up socks and similar small items and send them to a different dimension.

That’s it, your reusable cotton rounds are officially finished. No more environment harming with disposable rounds for you!

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Suggested materials:
  • Cotton flannel
  • Thread

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  • Jackie Jackie on Jan 24, 2023

    Yes, I will try this. Sounds good. I have some old pieces of flannel and just may do it by hand around the edges. We'll see!!

  • Marianne Verdi Marianne Verdi on Jan 25, 2023

    so why do they need to be round..that is so silly. You can make squares which would be easier to sew.