6 Super Impressive DIY Nail Art Hacks

by Unorthodoll
10 Materials
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Painting your nails is a fun and easy way to be creative at home, and you probably have most of the items you need already, which will make this even easier.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you a few new nail painting hacks that I've been using. I'll then finish with a demo of how I use these hacks for easy nail art designs for beginners, that you can do at home.

Tools and materials:

  • Peel-off skin coat
  • Clear nail base coat
  • Clear top coat
  • 3 colors of nail polish
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Paper reinforcements
  • Small nail scissors
  • Makeup sponge
  • Plastic straw
  • Water
Applying peel-off base coat

1. Peel-off base coat

Apply one coat of peel-off base coat to the skin around your nails. 

Peel-off base coat

It dries very quickly. When you are all done painting your nails, you can simply peel it off and have a clean crisp edge on your painted nails.

Think of it as painters’ tape for your nails!

Using makeup sponge on nails

2. Full coverage

Using a makeup sponge to apply polish is a known technique for getting an ombre effect. 

But, did you know that sponging on nail polish is also a great way to get a perfect full coverage of a single nail polish color as well, while using less polish?

Using makeup sponge on nails

If your coverage is uneven after one or two coats of color, use a sponge to apply more polish, only where it’s needed. 

Make sure to only sponge over polish that is completely dry.

Applying top coat

These very thin coats of polish that are sponged on dry super-fast and blend in perfectly under a top coat.

Nail tatoos

3. Nail tattoos

Start with the peel-off skin base from step 1. 

Then peel the top off the temporary tattoos and place them face down your nails where you want them.

Damp cloth on nails

Soak the tattoo with water or a damp cloth.

Peeling off tattoo backing

Peel off the tattoo backing. 

You can use this technique on bare nails or over your nail polish.

Applying top coat

Remove the peel-off skin coat and seal the tattoo with a top coat.

Stationary nail vinyls

4. Stationary nail vinyls

For this hack, you will make DIY nail vinyls from paper reinforcements and adhesive tape.

Stationary nail vinyls

Stick tape to your nail where you do not want your nail polish. Then apply your polish and remove the tape while your polish is still wet.

Stationary nail vinyls

Here are a few different adhesive tape nail art designs I made.

Stationary nail vinyls

Paper reinforcements are great for French manicures, as well as cool nail art designs.

Stationary nail vinyl nail art

Use them in the same way as adhesive tape to get perfect tips, dots, and curved designs. 

You can use this reinforcement hack on bare nails or over a dry top coat.

Straw stamps

5. Straw stamps

If you still have plastic straws, here’s a nail hack you can use them for before you recycle them. 

Cut off a small section of straw so you have a perfect clean circle at the end. 

Drip some nail polish onto paper and dip the end of your straw into it.

Make sure the end of the straw is fully coated and do a couple of test stamps on the paper to remove excess polish.

Straw stamp designs

Do some experimenting on your paper. If you flatten the straw a bit you can get perfect ovals for making flower metals.

Baby blue nail polish

6. Nail art design

For this design, after applying the peel-off skin coat, and the base coat to my nails, I applied two coats of baby blue nail polish.

Makeup sponge nail art

Now apply baby blue and light purple polish to a makeup sponge.

Makeup sponge nail art

Dab the sponge on your nail to get a light ombre effect. 

Let the polish dry and then repeat.

Makeup sponge nail art

Use a smaller piece of sponge dipped into your base color to add more polish just where it is needed.

Removing skin coat

Remove the skin coat.

Applying top coat

Apply a top coat and let it dry.

DIY nail art

Now, use your paper reinforcements, your straw, and white polish to create designs.

Adding peel-off product

Allow the design to dry and add more peel-off product to your skin.

DIY nail art

Add your tattoos, finish it all off with a top coat, and remove the peel-off product from your skin.

DIY nail art

DIY nail art hacks

All done! I hope you try these nail tricks and cute and easy nail design ideas.

Leave a comment to let me know how it all turned out and share your nail designs! 

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Suggested materials:
  • Peel-off skin coat
  • Clear nail base coat
  • Clear top coat
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