Make Way For His Royal Badness With This Fun DIY Prince Costume

10 Materials
30 Minutes

Are you still trying to figure out what to be for Halloween? How about this DIY Prince costume? No, not like Prince Charming - this is the music royalty Prince.

Follow this tutorial and you will also be able to rock this classic Prince Purple Rain look. Head to your thrift store to see how many of these costume pieces you can find.

Tools and materials:

  • Purple jacket
  • White pants
  • White flouncy shirt
  • Big hair wig
  • White scrap fabric for cummerbund
  • Two matching pairs of round sunglasses
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Superglue
  • Eye pencil
Prince singer costume DIY

Prince costume piece 1 – the cummerbund

Create 4 pintucks in your cummerbund fabric by folding the fabric down onto itself to make a pleat. Make the folds extend from one side of your waist to the other.

Then, you can just cut all the excess fabric off and attach one piece of sewing elastic to each end of the cummerbund to hold it in place.

How to make a Prince costume

Prince costume piece 2 - the glasses

From one pair of glasses, cut off one of the lenses using wire cutters. Superglue that lens to the top of the nose bar on the other full pair of glasses. You can use a bit of duct tape to hold the third lens in position and then super glue it.

Make your own Prince costume

Prince costume assembly

Tuck your flouncy white shirt into your white pants. Put your purple jacket on over your flouncy shirt. Put on your wig and make it big! Tease it out if it’s not big enough. Add your glasses… after you do the next step if your glasses are really dark.

DIY Prince makeup

Prince costume makeup

Use an eye pencil to draw a Prince mustache and a little soul patch (also called a mouche) beard under your lower lip.

DIY Prince costume

DIY Prince costume tutorial

Strap on a guitar and show off your attitude this Halloween with this great DIY Prince costume. Leave a comment to let us know the reaction you got when you showed off your Prince costume!

Suggested materials:
  • Purple jacket
  • White pants
  • White flouncy shirt
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