How to Make a Cute DIY Robin of Stranger Things Costume For Halloween

by Janel
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Do you love Stranger Things? Then you’ll know Robin, who starred in season 3. I absolutely loved her character! She’s known for her sassy comebacks and her use of the word “dingus!” I made a DIY Robin of Stranger Things costume for Halloween and it was so much fun to make and super easy to do.

You could totally do this as a couples costume - with both Robin and Steve in their Scoops Ahoy uniforms!

I pretty much got everything at the thrift and dollar store. Here’s how to make a Stranger Things Robin costume from scratch!

Tools and materials:

  • Blue and white striped t-shirt (hopefully with sleeves)
  • Long blue shorts. I lucked out at my thrift store but you may not be able to find long shorts in dark blue. I would buy long blue pants and trim them to long shorts.
  • Navy blue t-shirt that matches the pants (as close as possible!)
  • White elastic
  • Buttons 
  • Gold spray paint
  • White felt
  • Red electrical tape
  • Red felt
  • Yellow felt
  • Sharpie
  • White poster board
  • Blue paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue gun and glue
Gluing white elastic to the blue shorts

1. Make the shorts

Let’s start at the bottom! Robin wears extra-long shorts and I was lucky to find a pair at my local thrift store. Her shorts have white stripes on the bottom to go with the nautical theme.

Rather than paint the white lines, I used elastic. You could use ribbon instead, but elastic is cheaper and leaves a nice crisp line. 

I hot glued two strips of elastic to the hemmed part of the shorts. Don’t stretch the elastic while gluing it on. Just lay it down gently. 

Creating fake pockets with the white elastic

Robin’s shorts have pockets. Here, I used a slightly thicker elastic and made a fake pocket by laying the elastic diagonally at the top.

Hot gluing gold buttons on the short pockets

Her shorts also have gold buttons. I used regular plastic buttons that I spray painted gold. (Please spray paint in a well ventilated area and follow all directions on the can.) If you have gold flat buttons already, just affix them by hot gluing in place. Each “pocket” has 3 buttons.

How to make a Robin Stranger Things costume

2. Make the bib

I got this piece of white felt from the dollar store and it was round. I trimmed it into a square shape. Once it was square, I cut a large “U” out. 

Folding white felt to make a Scoops Ahoy bib

I folded in and glued the inner sides to make them a bit narrower and stiffer. 

Sticking red electrical tape to the bib

To finish the bib, it needs red trim. Rather than paint it, I used red electrical tape that I cut in half to make it thinner. Stick it on to the bib using an image of Robin as a guide.

Making Robin's red Scoops Ahoy tie

3. Make the tie

Cut a piece of red felt into a long wide strip. 

Tying a knot in the red tie and gluing down

Then tie into a knot in the center. Glue the tie to the white bib front.

The bib just gets pulled over the head.

Making the Scoops Ahoy ice cream

4. Make the flair for the vest

Cut a piece of yellow felt into a small triangle shape. Cut a piece of white felt into a small circle. Glue these two together to form an ice cream cone.

Making Robin's Scoops Ahoy name tag

Cut a small piece of red felt and a smaller piece of white felt. Write “Robin” on the white felt with a Sharpie. Glue the white felt to the red felt. 

Making Robin's Scoops Ahoy hat

5. Make the hat

Cut a strip of poster board about 4 to 5 inches wide. Measure the length to your head. 

Making a Robin from Stranger Things costume

Write “Ahoy” with the Sharpie. I did it freehand while looking at Robin’s outfit on the internet. I filled in the letters using blue acrylic paint to replicate what her hat looks like. Glue the ends together.

Cutting the navy blue t-shirt down the center

6. Make the vest

Cut the sleeves off the navy blue t-shirt. Then cut right down the center. 

Hemming the t-shirt vest with hot glue

I trimmed and rounded the bottom of the t-shirt vest. You can finish the sides by hemming them in with hot glue.

Hot glue the ice cream cone and name tag onto the vest, and you’re done!

Robin of Stranger Things Halloween costume

Pair the outfit with knee-high white socks to finish this off perfectly!

DIY Robin from Stranger Things costume

DIY Robin from Stranger Things costume tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Robin from Stranger Things costume! I enjoyed making this one because it is easy and fun to wear. Please let me know if you made it and share any photos. Happy Halloween!

Suggested materials:
  • Blue and white striped t-shirt
  • Long blue shorts
  • Navy blue t-shirt
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