How to Easily Make a Colorful DIY Trolls Costume for Kids or Adults

by Janel
10 Materials
2 Hours

As we get closer to Halloween, I wanted to do an easy and cheap costume tutorial from my “Cheap Thrills” series. This Trolls Halloween costume is perfect for kids or adults! It's based on Poppy Troll from the movie “Trolls”. Best of all, everything in this DIY Trolls costume is from the dollar store.

Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Blue t-shirt in size XL or even larger
  • Felt sheets - green and blue
  • Ribbon - stiff type in pink and purple
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun with glue
  • Plastic headband
  • Paint (green and white)
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper
  • Hair elastic or rubber band
Dying a white t-shirt blue for the costume

Note: I was only able to find a white t-shirt at the dollar store. I actually found blue dye to dye the shirt to match the Trolls costume. I followed the directions on the bottle.

Make your own Poppy troll adult costume

1. Paint the t-shirt

I replicated the costume from a photo I found online. Lay the t-shirt down on a flat surface. I put paper underneath the t-shirt to not get paint all over. It really doesn’t matter what type of paint you use as this is a costume. 

How to make a Trolls costume

I painted as close to the model as possible. Once the paint dried a bit, I added some white paint to the green to make a lighter green color to match the Trolls photo online.

Cutting the sleeves off the t-shirt

2. Finalize the t-shirt

A larger t-shirt turns into a dress! Remove the sleeves from the t-shirt.

DIY Trolls costume for adults

Turn the t-shirt inside out. Hot glue the shoulder edges by folding the edge in on the wrong side to create a clean seam line. The dress is done!

How to make Poppy troll costume hair

3. Make pink hair

Here, you’ll need a headband and stiff, tulle-like ribbon. Cut the ribbon into 3-foot lengths. It should be long enough so it stands up at the top of your head.

I decided to do this rather than buy a wig (too expensive) or use pink hair dye and gel (too messy). This gives pink hair without the headache!

Making Poppy troll costume hair

Tie each ribbon length in a knot around a plastic headband. Do this to all the ribbons. Gather them all at the top. Put a small elastic at the top of the gathering.

Making a Poppy troll headband

4. Make a floral headband

Cut the green felt into 2 equal strips. 

Making a Trolls Halloween costume for adults

Cut the blue felt into larger tear-shaped petals and some smaller green leaves. 

Gluing the blue petals onto the green strips

Hot glue the petals and leaves to the green strips. 

Adding elastic to the felt

Add a small piece of stretchy elastic and attach to the felt. This way you can pull it over your head easily.

DIY Trolls costume

DIY Trolls costume tutorial

That’s the whole DIY Trolls costume! My version is for adults, but you could also use the same steps to make a Trolls costume for kids. Super simple, easy, and absolutely adorable. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

Suggested materials:
  • Blue t-shirt in size XL or even larger
  • Felt sheets - green and blue
  • Ribbon - stiff type in pink and purple
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