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Hello Readers. One of the best projects to refashion/upcycle is a t-shirt. This post is about a big men's t-shirt and how to make it into a mini dress. My shirt today has a theme. It is a "Dungeons & Dragons" shirt and I am going to wear it to a "Stranger Things" watch party. This refashion is great for any t-shirt yu can find. The bigger the shirt, the longer it will be on you. If you are tall you might want a "tall" men's tshirt to give you extra length.

Before and after.

This was a men's shirt and it was big and long on me. There was enough fabric to make a short dress or some kind of a shirt. You already know what I chose. 

The graphic on the front of the shirt really guided what I did with this shirt. I wanted to make a dropped waist dress because I didn't want to cut the graphic. I cut the bottom of the shirt off and saved it for later.

I also cut off the sleeves because they were so big on me and it is summer and I wanted a sleeveless style dress.

I used my dress form to pin the sides so I could get the size of this dress correct. I put the top of the shirt on the dress form inside out so I could pin the right sides together.

I stitched the sides together and cut off the excess fabric. I had a basic sleeveless shape. It was a good start.

This video is a quick summary of what I did and how I started to finish the arm holes.

When I finished the armholes I noticed they gaped open. I needed to fix that.

I pinned the armhole to make darts/tucks in the bodice.

I used my sewing machine to stitch the dart and then I cut off the excess fabric. This shirt is a heavy weight knit cotton so it is easy to work with and it won't fray. This would be more difficult with a thin fine knit fabric.

The next step was to attach the skirt back to the top. I pinned the right sides together and tried to distribute the skirt around the top evenly.

My dress was finished. It was fun and I liked it but I thought it might a little short. I decided to add a bit of length.

I added this ribbon for a couple reasons. It matched so well it just blended into the dress and added about 1 1/4 inches of length to the dress. It also helped weight the skirt down so it doesn't turn up and look even shorter.

This dress is perfect for a "Stranger Things" watch party. The menu is going to be a waffle bar with all the toppings I can think of.

If the Demigorgon comes after me, it will look something like this. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.


Suggested materials:
  • Mens T   (Scavanged)
  • Sewing machine   (on hand)

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