Don't Throw Out That Old Dress! Do This Instead...

Ms. Melior
by Ms. Melior

I recently came across this dress in my wardrobe, tried it on, and found that it is too small for me...

But before I threw it out, I decided that it would be a fun opportunity to turn it into something I would wear more regularly (and save the dress from landfill!)

If a dress in your wardrobe comes to mind, then follow these simple steps to turn it into a more wearable item.

Here's the dress...

As you can see, it's too short for comfort.

The first thing to do is mark how long you want your top to be (cropped? longer? It's totally up to you!).

Go ahead and cut the dress along this line all the way across.

To get a more professional look, roll hem each edge.

(You can also bias tape if you prefer)

And finally, to finish the back.

You can opt for a zipper, buttons, lace-back, or the technique I ended up going with: elastic backing.

Cut three elastic strips (thickness is up to your preference) as long as you need in order to make the dress fit more comfortably.

You can overlock the ends of the elastic strips for a more professional finish, but the next step is to simply sew them in.

I finished with a small hook on the very bottom corner, so that top would cinch my waist just right.

And here is the final look!

A much more wearable piece.

I hope you have fun with this up cycle.


Ms. Melior

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  • Debi Debi on Feb 22, 2022

    As I am aging, I'm finding many of my favorite tops are too tight (mostly due to BACK FAT!) - and this is a good option to consider. Also, it might be good to attach bra clasps to the elastic (on the inside of the garment) so that it could be further adjustable without being visible. I'm gonna check my closet - Thanks!

  • Lailasultani Lailasultani on Mar 03, 2022