Don't Throw Out Old Tights, Do THIS Instead

by Stylefox
3 Materials
10 Minutes

So you have an old pair of tights with a rip in one leg? You’re probably about to throw them out.

But can you imagine there’s a way to upcycle them into a sexy evening top for a night out?

I’m about to show you exactly how!

This works best with dark-colored tights that have a thicker, defined waist to thigh area.

Tools and materials:

  • Old thick tights
  • Scissors
  • Cropped bandeau top

1. Tights

Lay your tights out on a flat surface so you can see exactly what you’re cutting.

You can see mine are quite thick at the top.

Scissors on tights

2. Scissors

Grab a pair of sewing scissors. You don’t want the tights to ladder when you cut them, so make sure those scissors are nice and sharp.

Cutting tights

3. Cut

Cut off the laddered or ripped leg. 

Make sure your cut is within the thicker area at the top.

Leave the crotch area intact and just cut off the leg.

I cut mine at a slight angle.

Wearing DIY tights top

4. Wear

You’ll need a bandeau or something similar to wear under the tights, as even the more solid section will still be transparent.

Turn the tights upside down so the waistband becomes the lower edge of your top.

Put your head through the hole where you cut off the leg and put your arm through the other leg.

Wearing DIY tights top

Wearing DIY tights top

DIY tights top

Now adjust it so it looks good. Fold in the raw edges neatly.

This isn’t a top you can wear more than a couple of times at best. For a night out, it looks pretty cool though, don’t you think?

Would you wear it? Comment down below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Old thick tights
  • Scissors
  • Cropped bandeau top

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  • Tammy Tammy on Feb 06, 2024

    Would NOT wear as shown- definitely can tell there is a crotch on your shoulder- maybe dress it up with rhinestones, or attach something on that area to make it look a little different?????? Otherwise could be a good idea.

  • JanM JanM on Feb 17, 2024

    Might be a neat way to make a pair of sweater tights into a shirt too. They don’t run like other tights, so you might be able to keep both legs, cut out the crotch area and go from there. Turn under the raw cut edges, maybe even add some cute trim, could look fun and funky. (And they could be a warm and interesting layer under a short sleeved or sleeveless t-shirt to create a different look too.)