This DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Dress is the Perfect Amount of Tacky!

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20 Minutes

Did you ever wonder why Christmas clothes are - and there’s no nice way to say it - a bit tacky? It’s gotten so that the “cool kids” are throwing ugly Christmas sweater and tacky outfit parties!

This holiday brings out child-like enthusiasm in many of us with an unabashed love for all things Christmas - tacky and all. If you are one of those people, this DIY ugly Christmas sweater dress tutorial is for you!

These are thrift stores finds that you can make into a Christmas dress perfect for an Ugly Christmas party! It’s super simple and so much fun!

Tools and materials:

  • Christmas decorated vest
  • Tartan plaid skirt
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
Christmas dress up ideas DIY

1. Check the fit

Thrift store clothes are not always the correct length or size. Try on the vest and the skirt to determine the best length for you.

Marking the skirt length with a pin

If the skirt is longer than you like, hike it up to your desired length. Mark it with a pin but do add at least 1 inch of seam allowance just in case.

Cutting the skirt at the waistband to shorten

2. Cut the skirt

Grab your scissors and chop right on through following your pin from the waistband down, along the pinned area. 

Sewing the Christmas best to the skirt

3. Sew the skirt to the vest

Before you stitch the skirt to the vest, check to see if your vest has a button on the bottom and an open seam. Stitch up the open seam with a straight stitch to prevent this part from flapping and flopping open all the time.

Making a DIY Christmas dress

Keep the vest right side facing up to you. Lay the skirt so the raw end is at the very edge of the vest. Flip the skirt upward so the skirt's right side is touching the vest’s right side. 

Pin it in place. Stitch together using a tight wide zigzag stitch.

How to make an ugly Christmas dress

Then flip it so the right sides are both facing upward. Sew another tight wide zigzag stitch on the top of the outside seam for extra strength.

DIY ugly Christmas sweater dress

4. Finishing touches

Pop the dress on. Put on your elf tights, black booties, and a great big smile!

DIY ugly Christmas sweater dress tutorial

How marvelous and simple is this DIY ugly Christmas sweater dress? Let me know in the comments if you made this or tag me in photos of your tacky thrifted Christmas creations! Merry Christmas!

Suggested materials:
  • Christmas decorated vest
  • Tartan plaid skirt
  • Scissors
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  • Bgray Bgray on Dec 17, 2021

    Super Cute! I would wear that all through know the saying "It's so ugly, it's cute". Thanks for sharing.

  • He-Maw Jenkins He-Maw Jenkins on Dec 19, 2021

    If I were still teaching, in the elementary grades, it would be perfect. I don't go anywhere to wear it. If I did, I would be busy, already. I have plenty of pieces to convert.