Polka Dot Dress Tutorial

I am always looking for new ways to wear old clothes. Most times, that means a lot of stitching and seam ripping. That’s why when I saw this dress in the back of my closet I was overjoyed. With just a little paint and time, I had a brand new dress for less than a Starbucks coffee. This painted polka dot dress up-cycle only took about 2 hours. Additionally, it is the perfect piece for your summer patriotic plans!

My favorite part about this tutorial is that it is a great way to cover up a stain. Well loved clothing flaunts clumsiness. I felt awful throwing out this well fitting dress simply because I couldn’t remove a stain. In this case, it was pasta.

Sarah Vickers always inspired me. Her blog, her style, and her lifestyle were all things I coveted. However, the price tag of these things was a little out of my budget as a college student. One of the reasons I founded this blog was to make gorgeous ensembles a little easier on the wallet. Sarah, now a new mom, will always be my style icon and you should follow all her social channels here.

We recently went to Chatham during our stay at Cape so hard. So, we took advantage of the gorgeous sunset at Lighthouse Beach to shoot some patriotic and silly content.

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The deal with the flag – I found it at a thrift store and had NO idea how big it was until I got home. When I got to the register the cashier gave me a look and was like “um, you know this is $15 right?” As in, that is thrift store top dollar, ma’am. I was in a rush and desperately needed something to use as a prop for this dress. As soon as I got home I realized, this thing is HUGE. However, it is really gorgeous in person and in my opinion really made the shot. Not to mention, my family was had so much fun running around at the beach.

Materials for Polka Dot Dress

  • Fabric or textile paint
  • Round foam paint brush
  • old dress


So easy right? you know I wouldn’t lie to you! Now, some funny photos of us at the beach enjoying our time together.

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  • Debbie Debbie on May 18, 2021

    Yay, Pattie for pointing this out! I am retired military and VERY responsible on how the flag I served for is treated.

  • Roberta Perkins Roberta Perkins on May 18, 2021

    I am very much into respecting our flag...

    But I must say, you got some BEAUTIFUL shots of proudly displaying OUR FLAG with

    friends &/or family, enjoying their time together. Yes, the flag, should not touch the ground.

    But again, IT IS BEAUTIFUL TO SEE OUR FLAG SPREAD OUT, as we see way too little of

    OUR beautiful RED, WHITE & BLUE  Your dotted dress is a perfect companion in the photos.