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Hello Readers. I hope your January is cozy and warm. My theme this month was "Stay Cozy". This sweatshirt was cozy and soft and it made me look really pregnant. I knew I could do something with it that would not look so maternity.

Before and after.

This sweatshirt was super cute. Was it maternity? It sure fit like that. I am 49 years old y'all. I am not having a baby at this point. I would probably die if I tried it. I had a baby at 42. It was very difficult. Let's try for a different look.

I had a plan to make this sweatshirt into a mini dress. I was going to use this off-white shirt to help me.

 I cut the floral shirt because I just needed a few inches from the body of the shirt.

I cut the dress in half and wanted to put a piece of the floral shirt in the middle of the dress. The top of the dress would remain the same. 

There was going to be a band of floral fabric in the middle of the dress. The sweatshirt top and the floral shirt were almost the same exact size so they were easy to put together. I used my serger but a zigzag stitch would work too. I wanted to re-attach the skirt to the bottom of the floral fabric piece. This would make the dress longer and the floral fabric would add some interest. Almost like a belt.

The skirt was bigger than the floral piece. I needed to arrange the skirt so it was evenly distributed around the floral band of fabric. I used pins to hold it. I decided to fold the extra fabric down to make pleats. 

I folded the pleat down and pinned it where my thumb is pointing. It was easy to sew over the folded pleat when I attached the skirt to the rest of the dress. Just make sure the pleats are evenly spaced around the waist of the dress.

I added an off-white shirt under my new dress for warmth and to cover my stomach a little more. The sheer floral fabric was such a cute addition to the plain sweatshirt. I love it. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.


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  • Sheer T-shirt   (Thrifted)

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