6 Cute Winter Outfit Ideas For Those (Very) Cold Winter Days

Brooke Bakken
by Brooke Bakken

Do you find yourself always going for the same outfits in winter? I’ve created a short winter fashion lookbook to help you shake up your style with some new winter outfit ideas.

I live in Minnesota so I know plenty about staying warm but also, still dressing stylishly. I am all about simple styling, choosing straightforward pieces, and making them go a long way.

So sit back, relax and take a look at these cute and casual winter outfits that I’ve put together.

Winter outfit ideas for very cold weather

1. Ready for winter

First up, we have an effortlessly chic winter look. I started off with a pair of black leggings and styled them with a beige hoodie.

Then, to contrast the loose, casual appearance of the hoodie, I added a long structured jacket over the top, which really helps to elevate the outfit and bring it all in together.

Winter outfits with boots

On my feet, I have a pair of Timberland boots - a practical yet stylish choice. A beanie hat in a similar color to the coat finishes off the look.

Wintery embroidered dress

2. Warm tones

This next outfit I absolutely adore. I’m wearing a gorgeous embroidered dress; just check out the sequins and the amount of detail that it has on it! I also love how it is symmetrical.

Feminine winter outfits

I layered the dress on top of a black turtleneck to make me warmer, but I also like how the high-neck peeps out the top.

Winter outfits with ankle boots

Next, I added stylish black ankle boots.

Wearing an orange coat in the winter

Over the top, I threw on an orange coat which ties in with the orange shades on the dress, so these two pieces look very well coordinated.

Warm colors like this orange are great to wear in the winter as they help to evoke the feeling of warmth in the cold weather.

White turtleneck tucked into black jeans

3. Puffer style

Winter is all about layering. For the first layer of this outfit, I'm wearing a simple white turtleneck tucked into black jeans.

Winter outfits with Doc. Martens boots

To give this outfit some edge, I went with a pair of white Doc. Martens and a black beanie hat.

Winter outfit with a beige puffer jacket

Next up, I’ve styled the outfit with a beige puffer jacket. I really like the juxtaposition of the tight fit of the jeans against the padded jacket; it makes for a proportional appearance.

I kept the color palette very minimalist here, only going with a few neutral colors. This look is so on-trend and makes a powerful impact.

Winter outfits with high boots

Feminine winter outfit with a shaggy jacket

4. Shaggy chic

Next up, I’m wearing this one-of-a-kind shaggy statement jacket. This jacket is just the bomb; I mean, what else can I say. It has a wonderful texture that is irresistible to run your fingers through.

Because the jacket is the focal point of the outfit, I kept the rest of it very simple with a little black dress with a white shirt underneath and some tall boots.

Cozy winter outfit with red and orange tones

5. Cozy and coordinated

With this outfit, I’ve combined various pieces that all have a similar color palette. We have a long, red, knit sweater, and then the plaid scarf also includes those reddy, burnt orange tones.

Winter outfits with heeled boots

My heeled boots fit in with this color scheme with their browny orange color and orange laces.

Long brown coat for a Minnesotan winter

The brown coat finishes the look and also ties into these winter shades. Color coordination is key when it comes to a layered look.

Cozy and casual winter outfit ideas

6. Pop of red

Last but not least, I styled a black mini skirt with a soft gray cardigan. I added a black coat and some black boots to keep me snug. All of the black pieces create a very sophisticated look.

Then, for a pop of color and a bit of excitement, I’m wearing a silky red scarf around my neck.

Winter outfit ideas

Winter outfit ideas

I hope you like the winter looks that I put together. My top tip is to go for versatile pieces that you can easily mix and match with other things.

It’s good to have a lot of neutrals because they are, of course, adaptable, but also warm colors are great to wear in cold months.

When you have those basics down, then you can start to add some statement pieces and brighter colors into the mix. Happy styling!

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