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Hi everyone, this is an easy tutorial on how to sew an infinity dress from scratch. I have wanted to make this infinity dress for a while but was a bit worried, in the end it was simpler than I thought. Beginners need not worry! Installing the zipper is also really very simple.

In the end, I narrowed the ends of the infinity tie because it was a bit too chunky when tying so feel free to do this too.

You will need:

About 2.5 yards of fabric

A zipper

Your waist measurement

Length of your dress

Measure and cut

I cut out my fabric measuring 22 by 55 inches. I then cut out another identical piece. These are for the skirt part of the dress.


My zipper is the same length as the length of my skirt. However, I am adding a 2 inches band to the skirt, which means I will have enough sewing allowance for hemming and attaching the waist band.

Cut into two

I then cut one of the identical pieces into two, to allow zipper installation. Now, I have three skirt pieces, one big and two smaller ones.

Measure and cut infinity tie

I then cut out four pieces of fabric for the infinity wrap. They will be joined together to form two long pieces. Measurement is 10.5 x 45 inches

Waist band and fusible interface

I then cut out 2 pieces of fabric and 2 pieces of fusible interface (optional) for my waist band measuring at 29 x 5 inches. This is including an inch sewing allowance

Pocket pieces

I then cut out four pocket pieces

Attach picket to side seams

Then I clipped my pocket pieces to the side seams - right side to right side - ready for sewing

Sew pockets to side seams

Then I sew the pocket pieces to the side seams

Gathering stitch

Then I sew a gathering stitch on the top of the three skirt pieces

Gather skirt pieces

Then I gathered the skirt pieces to the size of my waist band

Pin side seams and sew

Then I pinned the side seams together and sewed it down.

Join infinity ties to make a long piece

Then I sewed 2 long pieces of the infinity wrap together to make one long piece. Skip this step if you are able to cut the desired length without joining

Pin and sew

Then I did a double fold in on the edges of the infinity ties to create clean edges

Gathering stitch

And I added a gathering stitch at the end that will be attached to the waist band

Iron on fusible interface

I then ironed on my fusible interface unto my waist ban pieces

Notch centre front and sides

I then made a notch on the centre front and the sides of the waist band. These will be the guide to positioning the infinity tie

Pin infinity ties in place

I then gathered the end of the tie, placed them an inch over the centre front of the waist band so that they are overlapping and that they do not go over the side notches. Pin right side facing right side.

Pin and Sew

Then I pinned the second waistband on top to sandwich it then sew a straight-line down.

Pin skirt to waistband

Then I pinned the gathered skirt to the waist band and I sew everything in place

Add zipper and Hem

Then I attached the zipper to the skirt and hemmed the skirt.

Easy Infinity Wrap Dress

This infinity wrap dress is a real summer must have. It's very versatile, it's really like having multiple dresses in one. How would you style yours? Let me know in the comments below!

If you are making yours, be sure to tag me on Instagram @madebydeola.

Suggested materials:
  • 2.5 meters of fabric
  • Fusible interface (optional)
  • Sewing machine
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  • Grandmasue10 Grandmasue10 on Mar 15, 2021

    There's a black stripe about at the bustline. Did you intentionally mismatch the left and right? or just don't match things like that. Since I learned how to sew in 1958, maybe matching is out of date.

  • Sue50214142 Sue50214142 on Mar 16, 2021

    That is really cute!