My New Favourite Dress!!

Carol Bentley
by Carol Bentley
2 Materials
6 Hours

Hey you guys, I've made a fabulous new dress and I'm in love. In fact I love it so much I've found two ways to wear it already, one cosy and comfy with chunky boots and leather, biker chick jacket and for a total different look dressed up with sexy heels for a great night out!! Stick around as this is a lengthy make with loads of steps, but I'm ready to share all the steps with you, and I'll share with you how to style it up for two great looks!!

The dress is a new release by Fabric Godmother, its called the Peony dress and its actually based on a really famous frock from Vampires Wife! You can grab the pattern here > Sewing Patterns | Fabric Godmother I chose a really lovely soft needle cord for my version and you can find the same here > Cord – dusty blue – Felicity Fabrics

Firstly the fabric is pre-washed and the pattern is cut out!

Here we go all the darts are pinned and stitched. There are lots of darts, but this is how we get such a great fit!!

Next we stitch the bodice to the skirt of both the front and the two back sections

Time to pop in the invisible zip now.

Lets stitch the sides together now, you can see here I stitched it once, tried it on and then took it in, so the fit was better.

Next we stitch the sleeves right sides together. You can also see here that I have run two rows of gathering stitches around the shoulder curve.

Here you can see the frill sections for the sleeve edges and the frill for the bottom of the skirt. I have run two rows of gathering stitches around the top and folded the hem up ready to be stitched down.

Almost done now I have gathered the sleeve frills and the skirt frill and pinned them in pace ready to be stitched on!

Ta-da all done, what do you think? Here I've styled it up with some cute and sexy heels I'm already for a night out, maybe dinner and a show!

But I also love this grungy look chunky leather boots and a biker jacket, total tom boy!! Which style do you prefer??

Suggested materials:
  • Dusty blue cord 3m   (Felicity fabrics UK)
  • Peony Dress pattern   (Fabric Godmother)

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