5 Easy Steps to Sewing a Midi Dress Inspired By La La Anthony

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I took some style inspiration from the fabulous La La Anthony and decided to make a white striped midi dress of my own. Sewing a midi dress doesn't take much effort, and this step-by-step guide will cover all the basics, so that you can also look glam in this DIY midi dress with a ruffle hem. Let’s get sewing!

Tools and materials:

  • 1½ Yards of fabric
  • Sleeveless dress that fits
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
Tracing the midi dress pattern

1. Make the midi dress pattern

Lay your dress on top of the fabric. Now, cut around the shape of the dress. Add a little extra fabric at the bottom for the ruffled hem. 

Cut out the midi dress pattern

To make the second piece, lay the first piece on top of your fabric and cut around the shape. It’s essential to line the print. So, in my case, I take extra caution to line the stripes. If you are not using a printed fabric, there’s no need to line up the fabric. 

Tip: Pin the top layer so that it doesn’t move while cutting. 

Sew the side seams

2. Assemble the DIY midi dress

Sew the side seams. Be sure to pin the stripes to ensure a professional and clean finish. 

Folding the fabric

3. Cut the fabric for the ruffles

Take a square of the same fabric, fold it in half, and half again. 

Cutting off the raw edges of the fabric

Cut off the raw edges by making a half-circle shape through the square, as shown. 

Cutting an inch off the top

Then, cut one inch off the top tip. 

A circle of fabric for the ruffle hem

This is what you should have when you open the fabric piece. A full circle! Easy, huh?

Removing the pins from the dress

Remove the pins and turn the midi dress to the right side. 

Pinning the circle of fabric to the dress

Now, place the dress inside the circle, with the right side touching. Carefully pin all around and sew. 

How to make a midi dress

This is what it should look like. 

Cutting the dress neckline

4. Cut the neckline

Now, it's time to give some shape to the neckline. Here, I am basically cutting a semi-circle through one layer.

DIY midi dress

5. Assemble the midi dress

Now, pin and sew the shoulder seams. 

How to make midi dress at home

Hem the dress by folding the fabric half an inch, and again by another half inch. Make sure to hem all the raw edges of the midi dress, including the bottom. Also, when stitching, stitch as close to the edge as possible. 

White midi dress

Sewing a midi dress tutorial

Sewing a midi dress has never been this easy. Now that you know how to sew a midi dress, what print will you choose? I absolutely love this white midi dress with vertical stripes: it’s elegant and versatile. I can wear it to both formal or casual occasions.

Thanks for tuning in, and good luck making your very own midi dress!

Suggested materials:
  • 1½ Yards of fabric
  • Sleeveless dress that fits
  • Measuring tape
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