10 Easy Peasy Nail Art Designs for Beginners - Step by Step Tutorial

by ImGirlYouDontKnow
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30 Minutes

In this tutorial, I’ll show you 10 easy peasy nail art designs and how to do them step by step. I love the colors I’ve used here but feel free to use any colors you love. I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it for you!

Tools and materials:

  • Nail polish in assorted colors
  • Holo (holographic) or glitter polish
  • Top coat
  • Tweezers
  • Nail studs
  • Nail tape
  • Makeup sponge
  • Nail tool with a flat tip
Starting with a pink polished nail as a base

Start with a polished nail

All of the looks are done on an already polished and completely dry nail.

Now it’s time for the 10 easy nail art ideas!

Half pink, half white nail art design

1. Half and half

Applying nail tape vertically

Apply a small piece of nail tape lengthwise down the center of the nail. 

Applying white nail polish to half the nail

Apply another color on one side. 

Cute easy nail designs

Remove the tape and immediately add a matte topcoat. 

Adding a nail stud to a nail polish design

Add a nail stud. Stunning!

Diagonal line of pink, white, and glitter

2. Glitz and glamour

Applying nail tape diagonally

On this look, apply 2 pieces of nail tape diagonally. 

Applying holo nail polish to the center

Fill the center with holo polish. 

Removing nail tape

Put a contrasting color on the bottom of the nail. I used white. 

Applying a clear top coat to the nail

Remove the tapes. I put the white all the way to the glitter line. Apply a shiny top coat. Gorgeous!

How to do glitter ombre nails

3. Outstanding ombre 

Applying nail polishes to a makeup sponge

Apply at least 3 colors of nail polish on a makeup sponge. Gently roll and rub the sponge directly onto the nail to create this effect. 

These colors go beautifully together and are my personal favorite.

Dabbing the colors onto the nail

Apply a clear top coat.

Easy dotted nail art design

4. Dotty for dots

Using a dotting tool to create nail art

This is perhaps the simplest of all these easy nail art ideas. Apply a contrasting color to the nail tool to make dots all over the nail. If you don’t have a nail tool, you can use a bobby pin instead and the dots will be a bit smaller.

Applying a top coat to the design

Apply a matte top coat

Easy nail designs for beginners

5. Beautiful boxes

Painting squares onto the nail corner

Make small boxes at one edge of the nail: one larger one in holo or glitter polish, and one smaller one in white inside the larger box. 

Applying a clear top coat over the nail art

Apply a shiny top coat.

Easy nail designs step by step

6. Moonrise

This is where you mimic the small white moon on the nail but in reverse.

Creating a half-moon with pink and white

Use a contrasting or complementary nail color that mirrors your rounded cuticle edge instead of the top of your nail. 

Applying a top coat and a nail stud

Apply a shiny top coat. I put a small stud at the top of the curve. If you add a nail stud, repeat the top coat over the entire nail.

Stripey nail art design

7. Simply striped

Applying nail tape in stripes

An oldie but goodie! Apply 2 pieces of nail tape lengthwise.

Painting white nail polish over the nail tape

Apply a different color over the entire top of the nail.

Removing the nail tape with tweezers

Remove the tape with tweezers right away for perfect stripes!

Finishing the nail art with a clear top coat

Finish with a shiny top coat.

Easy DIY nail art

8. Chic and short

Applying nail tape horiztonally

Place the nail tape horizontally across the nail, close to the cuticle. 

Applying holo nail polish below the tape

Apply holo or other nail polish from the tape down to the cuticle.

Applying a top coat to the easy nail design

Remove the tape. Apply a matte top coat on the rest of the nail without the contrasting polish.

Easy scalloped nail art design

9. Simple scallops

I saw this on Pinterest and used to do this a lot when I first started doing nail designs for beginners.

Painting rounded steps in white polish

Make soft little rounded steps on the top nail in descending order from large to small. You can stop here. 

Painting the base color over the steps

You can also make it look even more beautiful by painting on a smaller version with the same base color for a two-step scallop.

Adding a top coat to the nail

Add a shiny top coat for a beautiful shine.

How to do easy peasy nail art

10. Double moon

Applying a half-moon of holo nail polish

Apply the first contrasting color in a larger half-moon.

Applying a white strip of nail polish on top

Then apply a second color polish in a smaller half-moon.

Sealing the nail art design with a top coat

Apply a shiny top coat.

Easy peasy nail art

Easy peasy nail art tutorial

I hope you guys enjoyed these easy peasy nail art ideas! Leave me a comment because I love hearing feedback. Let me know what color combinations you chose.

I did all these 10 and got so many compliments. You can do just one style on all your nails, or just one accent nail, or mix it up! 

Suggested materials:
  • Nail polish in assorted colors
  • Holo (holographic) or glitter polish
  • Top coat
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  • Ellen Ellen on Jun 14, 2022

    I loved the video. I never heard of nail tape before. I have very small nails and most of my life,until recently, I could not get them to grow. Now I’m using a nail polish that taste terrible and that helped a lot, but I still have this desire to scrape off the top of my nails with my teet even though the polish taste terrible. my nails, even when they have grown, Never look as nice as yours Including the first two coats. When I use fake nails it gives me a little bit more room and if paint over them they look very nice and shiny like yours do, although fake nails don’t last all that long and drop off when I least expect it. Most nails do not fit my own nails so I either cut them to fit with scissors or buy a couple packages and use just the small ones for both hands. I have a lot of leftover very large fake nails and they only fit my big toes and the rest of my toes are also very tiny.

    Anyway I love your designs and maybe I’ll try them one of these days. I first have to find nail tape. You explained it very well which I appreciate.

  • Cheryl Fargon Kalich Cheryl Fargon Kalich on Oct 12, 2022

    I really liked the middle finger, and the polka dots are adorable!