Easy to Make Natural Conditioner

by Shikha

This is an amazing conditioner that gives your hair lots of extra shine and moisturizes your scalp as well. All you need is ONE ingredient, aloe vera! I am using just one leaf off a plant you can find them sold at your super market or even grow your own aloe vera plant to use from, the plants are really easy to grow and come in handy!

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Make sure you shampoo your hair and leave it just a little damp before applying this conditioner

Start by removing the gel part of the aloe from the green plant

(TIP: let the plant stand upright first so the toxins can leak out the bottom)

Grind it up until it's like this

Now work the aloe into your scalp first then apply it to the long part of your hair. Leave it in for about 20-minutes THEN wash it out. This is an easy treatment and all natural so you can work it into your wash routine.

Let me know what you think!

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  • Leslie Leslie on Dec 25, 2022

    Hi Shikha, I did not know of toxins in Aloe. How long do you let the leaf stand and do you put it on a paper towel ? If I try this with organic Aloe that I have in a bottle how much of that should I use and do I need to add anything to it? Thank you for taking the time to answer.