Everyday Eyebrow Tutorial: How to Get Full & Defined Brows

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Hello! Today, I’ll be showing you my eyebrow tutorial. If you are wondering how to do everyday brows that leave your eyebrows looking full, thick, and perfect, then keep reading to get the inside scoop!

Also, this is the ideal eyebrow tutorial for beginners. Ready? Let’s start.

Tools and materials:

  • Spoolie
  • Eyebrow definer pencil
  • Makeup brushes
  • Foundation
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyebrow gel
  • Makeup sponge
Brushing eyebrows with a spoolie brush

1. Brush your eyebrows

First, take a spoolie and brush through your eyebrows. This will help take off any foundation residue and will set the hairs in place. 

Filling in brows with a brow pencil

2. Fill in your brows

Now, take your brow pencil. If it has an angled tip, like this brow definer product, that’s better. Start drawing a line on the bottom front section of the eyebrow. Then fill in the brows upward. 

Outlining above the brow

Next, outline above the brow. Start with a line, as shown. This will give the illusion that your brow is thicker. 

Filling in brows

Once you have the line, fill it in below it. Remember to do small brush strokes so it looks like your natural hair. Also, go in the direction of the hair. 

Eyebrow tutorial for beginners

Go through the rest of your eyebrow and fill in any sparse areas. 

Easy eyebrow tutorial

Every once in a while, take your spoolie brush and gently run it through the brow. Continue filling up the spaces. 

Shaping the tail end of the brow

Once you get to the tail end of the brow, take your spoolie and shape it neatly. 

Filling in the end of the brow

Then, fill the end in. 

Applying a light brown eyeshadow shade

After you’ve filled in your brows with a pencil, go in with an angled brush and a light brown eyeshadow shade. Of course, if you have different colored brows to mine, you can use a different, lighter shade. 

Brushing upwards from the front

Brush upward, starting from the front. 

Brushing sideways in the direction of the hair

Then, brush sideways, in the direction of the hair. 

Creating a gradient effect at the front

Apply more of the shade and fill in the top front part. Brush it inward to get a gradient effect. 

How to do everyday eyebrow makeup

Fill the rest of the top part in the other direction (the hair’s direction). 

Everyday brows

With a spoolie, brush the front back and forth slightly. 

Creating hair-like strokes with a brow pencil

Should you need more filling up in the front, take your brow pencil and make hair-like strokes in the front. Make sure you have a light hand when doing this. 

Finished brows before setting

So far, this everyday eyebrow makeup is looking pretty good! You could stop right here and simply put eyebrow gel over. However, if you want them to look sharper, then check out my next step! 

Adding foundation around the brows

3. Add foundation

If you want clean and crisp brows, then all you need is a small brush and foundation to clean up around the edges. 

Tip: You can use concealer for this step, but I feel the foundation looks more natural. 

Applying foundation with a light touch

When you get to the front, try to be as light as possible. 

Blending the foundation with a beauty blender

Then, take your beauty blender sponge to blend out the foundation. 

Applying clear brow gel

4. Apply a clear brow gel

The final step in this easy eyebrow tutorial is to apply a clear brow gel. Lay it upward and then to the side.

I personally like to have my hair in the front part stand up more. This will help preserve your brows and keep everything in place throughout the day. 

Eyebrows before and after

Eyebrow tutorial

We are done! Can you see the difference? I hope you learned some tricks from my eyebrow tutorial.

I think this look is perfect for everyday brows. It looks so natural and definitely gives the face an instant lift. Thank you for joining me, and good luck! 

Suggested materials:
  • Spoolie
  • Eyebrow definer pencil
  • Makeup brushes
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