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Hey y’all!!! Happy almost September!! Today I’m sharing with y’all some eye liner techniques that I recently learned!!

Honestly, I only wear full make up about once a week and that’s usually when I’m working on content for my social media channels. Lol!

I looked homeless at work yesterday 😂, but this was today doing a Pink Lily try on!

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Although, I don’t wear full make up daily, I love learning about different make up techniques. I usually do a light make up look, which I have shared with y’all before, with bronzer, highlighter, light eyeliner, lipgloss, and mascara.

Recently, I’ve ran across a few videos doing side-by-side‘s of different eyeliner techniques and WOW! Who knew there were so many different ways to apply eyeliner?! Obviously not me. Lol. I’ve tried 3 different methods that are super simple and make a big difference. I’ll have to admit I’m a little obsessed with the last one!

This is my favorite! I used method 3 (Elongate) for this look!

I’ll share links below of the 3 accounts that I saw using these methods. Also scroll to the bottom for a video for my visual learning friends!

Items needed:

  • Black (or dark) eyeliner. If you prefer a liquid liner for techniques like wings/cat eye then you will also need a black (or dark) pencil for the lift
  • White or nude eyeliner pencil (not liquid)
Lift- left side (my right eye).

To create a lift try this!

Top lid- Use black or a dark eyeliner on your top lid. Apply it from your inner crease all the way out until it’s winged / cat eye. 

Lower lid- Use black eyeliner pencil (not liquid) and apply a small amount to the outer corner kind of connecting your cat eye to it. You also want to add a little to the waterline. then use your white or nude eyeliner and apply it all along the rest of your water line.

I thought this would be my favorite of the three, but once I tried the last one… I was sold on it!!

Right- WIDEN (my left eye) Left- ELONGATE (my right eye)

To widen and brighten your eyes (doe eye) try this.

Top lid- Apply a dark colored liner on top. Do a thicker line all the way from crease to end (without a wing). On your inner lid take the liner down in the crease. If you’re able to make your line thinner near the crease and thicker as you get to the end of your eye it as an additional pop.

Bottom- Apply a nude or white pencil in your waterline.


To elongate your eye try this.

Top lid- Apply the black / dark eyeliner from the inner crease to about mid eye and then stop. Skip a small space and then apply a thicker line out to a high wing / cat eye. Don’t take the wing all the way down and out, stop before the end of your eye for the higher wing.

Lower lid- Apply white / nude to your water line.

Which one is your favorite?

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Lift with Classically Cassidy

Widen with Doe eye- I saw this technique on Melbellles Tik Tok.

Elongate (& other tips) with Erica Taylor

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