How to Easily Fake a Soft Cut Crease on Hooded Eyes

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If you have hooded eyelids, then you know that eye makeup can be problematic. Follow this tutorial to learn how to create a fake soft crease for your hooded eyes.

It won’t work as well for extremely hooded eyes, but for most hooded eyes this look will create a natural-looking soft crease and open your eyes beautifully! Likely, you have all the necessary products in your makeup bag already!

Tools and materials:

  • Nude powder eye palette
  • Flesh-tone eye shadow pencil
  • Light-toned creamy eyeshadow
  • Small pointed-end eye brush
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara primer
  • Mascara
Brown and nude color eyeshadows

Applying light colored eyeshadow as a base

1. Create the soft crease with eyeshadow

Start with the lightest color in your eye shadow palette, and dust it all over your lower and upper eyelid.

Drawing a crease above your eye

Now using the middle shade of your palette and a pointed eye makeup brush, shade in a line right along the crease of your eyelid. You can extend the line out a bit from the outer edge of your eyelid up towards your eyebrow.

Shading the crease with a darker color

Use the second darkest color in your palette to shade over the crease line you just made.

How to do a soft cut crease for hooded eyes

To make the soft cut crease really visible, you need to make your eyelid below the crease very bright. To achieve that brightness, apply a very light-toned creamy eyeshadow to your eyelid below the crease line. 

Building up color for the soft cut crease

Use the darkest shade in your palette to shade in the area just above your eyelid crease.

Blending eyeshadow above the crease

Now use a clean eyeshadow brush to blend the color above the cut crease only.                           

Applying eyeshadow under the eye

Apply the second lightest eyeshadow shade from your palette right below your eye, under the lower eyelashes.

Using eyeshadow as eyeliner on lower lashes

If you want, you can also add a bit of a darker shade below your eyes.

Applying mascara primer to upper lashes

2. Add mascara

Apply mascara primer to your upper lashes.

Applying black mascara to lashes

Then, apply your eyelash mascara on top of the primer.

Creating winged eyeliner for hooded eyes

3. Small-wing eyeliner

When you have hooded eyes, full-wing eyeliner look is difficult to do and not always flattering. The trick for hooded eyes is to do a half-wing liner that masquerades as full liner.

Draw a line with the eyeliner from the outer edge of your upper eyelashes, starting just below the crease, and go out and up to about the middle of your cut crease.

How to do winged eyeliner on hooded eyes

Then, add to the line, moving from the starting point and extending the line in just a little bit. Don’t extend the line across your whole eyelid, or even half-way across – it’s really just for emphasis at the outer end of your eyelid.

Applying a light eyeliner to the waterline

Apply a light flesh-colored pencil shadow to the inner rim of your lower eyelid. You can run that line just under your liner wing as well, to open your eyes even more.

Applying lipstick to finish the look

4. Always a bit of lipstick

Apply your favorite lip liner and lipstick to finish your look! 

Soft cut crease for hooded eyes

Soft cut crease for hooded eyes tutorial

What a gorgeous finished look! This method of creating a soft cut crease for hooded eyes will open your eyes and make them bright. No one will know that you don’t have a natural crease! Leave a comment to let us know how this worked for you.

Products used

Suggested materials:
  • Nude powder eye palette
  • Flesh-tone eyeshadow pencil
  • Light-toned creamy eyeshadow
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