Hooded Eyes? Let's Learn How to Quickly and Easily Find Your Crease!

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Hi, everyone. Today, I thought I’d remake my tutorial on how to find your eye crease for hooded eyes. There are all sorts of hooded eyes. I have a naturally hooded eye shape, my eyes are also slightly turned down, and of course, with age, you get a bit more sagging. You might have hooded eyes because of your age or because of overhanging skin, but this technique to find your hooded eye crease should work for almost everybody.

Tools and materials:

  • Eyeshadow
  • Makeup brushes
How to find your eye crease

Where is the crease?

The crease is where your lid folds over your mobile lid, which is the part of the lid that moves. 

Mobile lid

Here is your mobile lid.

Showing where lid folds over

When I look forward, I’ve got two creases. Your hooded eye crease is where your lid folds over.

How to create a crease on hooded eyes

For people who have huge mobile lids, their lid will look something like this. Their crease will be right under the socket bone. Can you see how much room that gives on your mobile lid? Your eyes look so much bigger and more open. Unfortunately, those with hooded eyes don’t have that, so we have to make our own crease.

How to Create a Crease on Hooded Eyes

Marking brow bone with eyeshadow

1. Make a mark on your brow bone

Get a nice pointy brush. We’re starting with a matte, darker eyeshadow. You can do brown, you can do purple, as long as it’s matte because we’re playing with shade and light. Something dark and matte will push things away and make them look deeper. That’s what we’re looking for; we’re trying to make a deep crease. Light and shimmery shades will bring things forward. So, relax your eyes and look straight forward. Then, find your brow bone and make a little mark. You won’t be able to see it when your eyes are relaxed.

Applying eyeshadow in a half moon shape

2. Start marking out your crease

Now that you’ve got this mark, you can lift your eyebrows and do a proper template. If you can’t lift your eyebrows naturally, you can do it with your finger. Now just apply the eyeshadow in a half moon shape to start marking out your crease. Again, it’s right on the socket bone.

Blending the eyeshadow up

Now, because my eyes droop downwards, I’m not going to go really low with the line because it’ll make my eyes even droopy. If your eyes are droopy like mine, take the eyeshadow up a bit. 

Comparing eyes with and without eyeshadow

Straight away you have the appearance of a big mobile lid compared to the other lid because we’ve created that shadow. The other lid is quite light, and as I’ve said, light brings the hood forward even more. You’ll want to take into consideration that everybody has a different amount of space between their eyelashes and eyebrows. Just go as high as you can until you see the eyeshadow when your eyes are open and relaxed, and you can adjust the shape depending on the shape of your eyes.

Blending eyeshadow

3. Blend

Now blend that out upwards. Never go below the crease because we don’t want to shade that.

Deepening crease with darker color

4. Deepen the crease

Now, grab a darker color. We’re going to deepen the crease just where you started with the half-moon shape. Don’t go below it. This will define it even more.

Making mobile lid bigger and more open

5. Apply light eyeshadow to your mobile lid

The next thing we’re going to do is make our mobile lid bigger and more open. To do this, take a flat brush and you want to use a light, brightening, or shimmery color. Apply this color on your mobile lid right up to the crease. Because it’s light, it’ll bring your eyelid forward and make it look bigger and less hooded. 

Shading in '7' shape

6. (Optional) Shade in a ‘7’ shape

You can leave it here like this, or you can do the ‘7’ and shade it here. The most important thing is to just create that crease.

Hooded eye crease

Now I’m going to show you the difference in my other eye if I used the brown shade on my mobile lid. As you can see, it’s made my mobile lid much smaller and it makes my hood look even bigger because it’s still really light.

Crease eyeshadow for hooded eyes

The worst thing you can do is put a light shimmery eyeshadow on your hood. By doing this, I’ve brought that hood forward, making it bigger and more noticeable.

Applying mascara

7. Finish your makeup look

I just finished up my look with that same brown eyeshadow on my lower lash line and topped it off with mascara.

How to find your eye crease tutorial

How to find your eye crease tutorial

Here’s the finished look! As you can see, with my technique, the eye looks more open and the hood is not as visible. On the other side, it’s quite visible.

So that’s how to find your eye crease and how to do crease eyeshadow for hooded eyes! Let me know if this tutorial helped you!

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  • Eyeshadow
  • Makeup brushes

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