6 Simple & Cute Fall Outfits You Can Create From Your Own Closet

by Marina

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Today, I’m going to show you how to create cute fall outfits from your closet. We’ll look at six simple outfits and see how you can transform them from basic to chic. Elevate your fall wardrobe essentials to look a bit more dressed-up and put together.

Fall outfit ideas - heels and a blazer

1. Add heels and a blazer

In the basic outfit here, I’m wearing a ruffled blouse with black pants and white sneakers. To elevate the look, I switched out the sneakers for heels and also added a blazer.

Heels not only give you some added height, but they also have the effect of elongating your figure, making you appear slimmer.

A blazer instantly elevates whatever you wear it with and makes the overall look more polished and refined. A blazer also creates vertical side panels, which as well as the heels, helps to elongate the body and make it appear slender and leaner. 

Fall outfit ideas - accessories and boots

2. Add accessories and over-the-knee boots

I started here with a simple black bodycon mini dress and a pair of white sneakers. I elevated the look with a skinny silver scarf and a pair of over-the-knee boots.

As we all know, black is a very sophisticated color, and the addition of the boots brings more black to the look, making it look more elegant and evening appropriate.

The silver scarf is a simple and understated accessory that adds a touch of flair to the outfit. The way it hangs down creates vertical lines that help to elongate my appearance.

Fall outfit ideas - belt the waist

3. Belt your waist

For the simple look here, I’m wearing a thin gray sweater, white jeans, and some white sneakers. I went from basic to chic by adding a belt and switching the sneakers for some heeled boots.

Adding a belt cinches in the waist and adds more definition to your silhouette, making the overall appearance more flattering and feminine.

Fall outfit ideas - leather jacket

You can also elevate this outfit by adding a leather jacket, a timeless material that exudes quality and luxury.

Casual fall outfit

5. Casual can be chic as well

Here I’m wearing a plaid shirt with some white jeans and white sneakers. In contrast to the other looks, I’ve kept the chic look still pretty casual because who said you couldn’t be both?

I’ve kept the white sneakers on, belted the waist, and added a cropped jacket.

The belt here really elevates the outfit. Without the belt, the shirt draws attention to the point at which it finishes, which is my hip area. Wearing a long shirt untucked like this is fine, but we know that the waist is a slimmer part of the body, so belting the waist focuses attention there instead and makes me appear slimmer.

The cropped jacket finished the outfit off nicely.

How to create fall outfits from your closet

6. Emanate confidence

In the casual look here, I’m wearing a sparkly cream sweater with a pair of skinny jeans and some white sneakers.

Now, if you love jeans like I do, you won’t want to part with them for the purpose of making your outfit more elevated. But no worries, because there is no need to.

A quick fix solution to make your jeans look a bit chicer is by wearing some heeled boots over them. And, of course, with skinny jeans, you can do this. I’ve also added a stylish black jacket which makes me feel confident and mature.

The key to working a chic look is to emanate confidence: walk tall and proud with a smile on your face.

Fall outfits from your closet

There we have it. We’ve seen six basic-to-chic transformations and picked up lots of tips on how you can create cute fall outfits from your closet.

Let me know which was your favorite look in the comments below.

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