Need a Touch of Glamour This Fall? Try This Fall Eyeshadow Tutorial

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by Karen Lien
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In this fall eyeshadow tutorial, I’m going to show you how to do a mature fall makeup look using a stunning fall eyeshadow palette with both matte and shiny colors. Matte is great for aged eyes. So, If you’re looking for fall eyeshadow looks, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get beautiful!

Tools and materials:

  • Two matte eyeshadows
  • Two shiny eyeshadows
  • Makeup brushes
  • Blend brush
  • Angled brush
  • Mascara
Priming the eyelids

1. Prime your eyelids

Priming your eyelid makes a world of difference! Here, I’m using a setting spray, and I sprayed some on my makeup sponge. Next, dab the solution on your eyelid, as shown. 

Applying a light colored shadow to lids

With your eyeshadow brush, dab a little translucent vanilla-colored matte shadow, and apply it to the whole area of your eyelid. 

Applying a matte eyeshadow

2. Add your matte eyeshadow

Here, I am using the lightest eyeshadow in this fall eyeshadow palette. Using your eyeshadow brush, simply dab the matte all over your eyelid. 

Apply it in a windshield wiper motion, going left to right, and making sure you cover your whole eyelid, including your brow bone. Also, make sure to get in the edges and creases. 

Fall eyeshadow looks for mature skin

This is a lovely, neutral soft color that works as a primer, too. It also makes the eyelid look way bigger than it is, giving you the perfect canvas to proceed to the next step!

Applying a brown eyeshadow shade in the outer corner

3. Apply brown matte

Using a sandy brown matte shade, apply it from the outer corner of your eye and work your way inward along the lash line. 

Then, go up around the crease of your eye and a little above the crease to your brow bone, thus expanding the eye area. This trick will make your eyelid seem bigger and is great for those who have hooded eyes. 

Next, blend the darker matte color by lightly making circular motions around the edge of the eye, crease, and brow.

Fall eyeshadow look

Tip: If you want to really get into the crease of your eye, use a thinner brush head for more precision. 

Adding shimmer eyeshadow

4. Add shimmer

It’s time to shimmer it up! Be careful not to go too crazy with the shimmer, especially if you’re middle-aged, as the shimmer highlights the skin, which means it highlights the wrinkles, too.

To add a subtle taste of glam to this stunning makeup look, basically apply some shimmer in the middle of your eyelid, which is the smoothest part of the eye. 

Next up, add a little shimmer right underneath your eyebrow for an elongated illusion. Then, dab a little on the inside corner of the eye for that extra pop of color. 

Fall eyeshadow palette

5. Line your eye

Now, use a darker shimmer like the one pictured above, and use it to line your eyes and add a little of an intensified look. 

Using a pointier eyeshadow brush, apply it right along your lash line, as shown. Pull your eyelid out during this step. 

Also, apply a little from the corner of your bottom lashes and work your way a little bit inward. 

Tip: If desired, use an angled brush for a more tailed finish. 

Fall eyeshadow tutorial

Fall eyeshadow tutorial

So, that was fun, quick, and easy! I love this makeup look. I think it’s one of the best eyeshadow looks for fall! What do you think? Go ahead and give it a go and see how amazing it turns out. Thanks for tuning in, and good luck!

Suggested materials:
  • Two matte eyeshadows
  • Two shimmer eyeshadows
  • Makeup brushes
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