Different Ways I Dress for Fall

by Oddlilbean

You might have noticed with the wording of my post's title that this is not about current fall fashion trends but style choices I personally like to make when fall rolls around. I don't have anything against trends or people who follow them, but there was a point in high school (a little over a decade ago) that I found the trends during that time drifting away from my current tastes and body type, so I just kind of lost interest in following them. I have also found that trends tend to operate on a cycle, and many "trends" are just basic timeless fashion advice on how to dress well. This isn't to say I never look into current trends, and I always really enjoy when something novel is created, but most of the time I'm going to do me and dress in what caught my eye at the local Goodwill. For me, fashion is all about self-expression, and sometimes the trends don't line up with what I want to say.

Keep in mind, I live in Florida, so my fall weather is very different than many other places, but I'm also perpetually cold, so it evens out.

Bright Warm Colors

I love a good neutral outfit in fall or some nice maroons and burnt oranges, but I also love my bright colors. Especially a vibrant red! But that also might be because it gives me an excuse to crack out the red lipstick, not that I need an excuse, but I won't say no to one. I pretty much look for those traditional warm colors associated with fall and crank the saturation up. A lot of the time I'll use it as a pop of color with a neutral like you see above with the red coat, orange scarf, and black dress (which is covered in pelicans!). For me, it creates a nice vibrant energy during a time where it's starting to get cold and dark.

This is a 100% thrifted outfit!

Layers It Up

I'm certainly not saying anything novel here since I'm sure layers have been a staple of fall since the dawn of man to keep out the creeping cold. I'm not even wearing a ton of layers here because, again, Florida gal here, and we're still regularly in the 80s, but I specifically like to layer with hoodies or shirts with hoods that I pop out to the outer most layer. Part of that is because I like the streetwear vibes it gives, and the other part is the visual cohesiveness it gives the top of the outfit. The hoodie is on the inner and most outer most layers kind of making an outfit sandwich and helping with unity, which I've talked a lot about in past posts.

The pants and headband are made by me, and everything else was thrifted at Goodwill!


I love leggings. Solid leggings. Patterned leggings, Fishnet leggings. Thick leggings. Thin leggings. All leggings. I'm not one to discriminate. Most of this is because I'm not a fan of pants primarily because it's so dang hard for me to find pairs that fit. Basically, only pants made out of that stretchy denim will fit me because otherwise I either end up with a two inch gap in the back of the waist or I can't get them over my apparently massive butt (relative to the rest of my body proportions). So maaaybe my aversion to pants was born more out of spite than aesthetic, but I still stand by it. I'll just vicariously live through all of the other pants-clad, stylish women out there.

But back to leggings. Obviously, most of my closet is dresses and skirts, which is not conducive to chilly weather, so leggings are a great way to keep most of my closet in commission and add fun texture or color blocking to an outfit without freezing my Florida winter-weeny butt off.

The Starry Night tights came from Nara Socks, which are amazing and have tons of cool designs! The NOPE earrings came from a local artist Tellery Co. who also has lots of amazing stuff! Everything else was thrifted.

Short Dresses and Long Jackets

As the band Cake once so iconically put it, "I want a girl with a short skirt and a long, long jacket", or in this case a dress. Because early fall is in that in-between temperature of not too hot and not too cold, I like to pair jackets with short skirts and dresses, and I love the look of a long jacket when it falls at or past the hem of my skirt or dress. Maybe it's the angsty emo teenager that still resides just a little in me, though now I'm wearing bright neutrals and florals instead of all black and skulls, but I think it creates a fun silhouette. Not that I'll ever say no to smart blazer with a dress either.

Printed and Colored Jeans

Okay, so, I really didn't lie when I said I don't have a lot of jeans relative to the rest of my closet. I own six pairs and only one is traditional denim because if it's going to get cold enough to force me into jeans against my wishes then they will be bright and colorful or have some kind of pattern goddammit! Not that I have anything against blue jeans; they're just at the bottom of my list of what I want to wear. Plus, I now have more options for pattern mixing and color blocking, so I have no regrets.

Both of these outfits are thrifted and the pins came from various artists across the world.

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  • LunaR1776 LunaR1776 on Jan 26, 2022

    Oh yes, “trends” only sometimes fall into what I own/want.

    Timeless/special! Those are what speak to me! You have such a good eye!!