Its Plaid Season!

Stephanie Rivoli
by Stephanie Rivoli

Now that Fall is here that means we are going to be seeing plaid everywhere. It is a yearly Fall staple and one that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. So far I've seen plaid shirts, jackets, shackets and now a plaid dress! This dress is from Target and super affordable at $30. Here are some of the reasons I love wearing plaid in the Fall

Plaid clothing comes in so many different colors it makes it so easy to pair with so many different outfits. This also means there is something for everyone! Don't like a certain color? No problem, there are so many different versions I have seen over the years there is something that everyone likes.

Plaid is so festive especially for this time of the year! Wearing plaid in the summer? It might not look right but once Fall is here you will see plaid everywhere! It also makes a very cute outfit choice for festive outings!

Lastly, its really comfortable! Any plaid item I have encountered has always been very comfortable to wear. Comfort and style?! It doesn't get any better than that!

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